A Bangkok Ad Agency Makes Ads Perform for Your Brand

A Bangkok Ad Agency Makes Ads Perform for Your Brand

With the current economic crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Thailand, it’s more important than ever to create effective ads that drive users to your website or sales platform. A digital ad agency in Bangkok can help you create stunning ads that effectively spread your brand’s message to its intended audience. And they can do it relatively inexpensively as well. 

The secret is in harnessing the popularity and power of social media. Although many of the major social media platforms have begun to offer advertising channels as a part of their services, the most successful by far has been Facebook. 

Facebook is closing in on achieving almost three-billion users worldwide. Thailand has fifty-million Facebook users alone. This means that one platform can reach over two-thirds of the country’s population. This also means that if your brand in Thailand is not making use of the reach of Facebook in your marketing strategy, it should be.

By contacting a Bangkok ad agency, they can explain all the ways that Facebook can help boost your site traffic, conversions, and sales. As the big daddy of the social media movement, Facebook has years of data on all the personal habits and facets of their users available to customers of their ad platform.   

Target Your Audience More Effectively

With the data available to ad customers, Facebook allows you to target your customers by language, gender, region, buying habits, personal interests, and so on. Anything information that the users share on Facebook is available to their ad customers. 

By using this information, a Bangkok ad agency can create ads that appear on the Facebook pages of those users who specifically fit your target demographic. This means that you can afford to spend more of your marketing budget on creating well-designed, informative ads that drive more of your desired potential customers to your website. 

By being able to target your audience more effectively, you can concentrate on quality instead of quantity. In other words, you can do a lot more with a lot less.  

Create Ads that Show Off Your Products and Services

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A digital ad agency in Bangkok can also look at your brand’s type of products and services and choose the type of ad formats that will show your wares to their best advantage. There are five types of ad formats offered by Facebook. Most of them are designed to showcase a range of goods and services within one ad.  

A talented digital ad agency in Bangkok can make use of the Image, Video, Carousel, Instant Experience, or Collection formats of Facebook ads to create impactful and effective ads that represent your products in their best light. By skillfully combining the ad formats and the targeting options, your ads will reach more of your desired customers. And with Facebook users in Thailand, representing over two-thirds of the country’s population, Facebook advertising may be the most cost-effective marketing solution for your brand.    

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