All You Need to Know About Your Plumbing Life’s Expectancy and How To Maintain it

All You Need to Know About Your Plumbing Life’s Expectancy and How To Maintain it

As we know, nothing can last forever, including the plumbing pipes in your home. Therefore, being able to identify the type of the pipes in your home will help you take the necessary steps to avoid the potential plumbing issues, such as a water leak, flooding, and a health threat. This could be useful to renters especially, in order to know whether they should call a landlord or if it’s something they can easily fix themselves, says the team of T-Square Real Estate Services. It is actually a fortunate that the material of pipes mostly can last for decades. But still, when it has reached its lifespan, the pipe will finally start to leak.

Why is it important to know the type of pipes in your home?

It is essential to recognize the type of pipes that is installed in your building. It will not only help you to know their life expectancy, but also help you to know how to maintain and take care of them properly. The life expectancy of the pipes is depending on their types – generally it starts from 20 up to 100 years.

Basically, the types that are used as the water supply pipes are copper, brass, and galvanized steel pipes. Because they’re usually set under a pressure, the water supply pipes are likely easier to leak and can cause the water damage in your house. In most cases, the life expectancy of brass pipes is from 40 until 70 years, while the life expectancy of galvanized pipes is from 20 until 50 years, while the copper pipes can usually last until 50 years.

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In comparison with the water supply pipes, the pipes that are used for drainage have a longer life expectancy. It occurs because the drain pipes don’t obtain as much pressure as the supply pipes get. The drain pipes are generally made by iron or polyvinyl chloride (pvc). If the drain pipes are constructed with iron, the life expectancy of the pipes is 75 up to 100 years. While the drain pipes that are constructed with polyvinyl chloride can last for an unstated length of time.

How to take care of the pipes in your home?

It is important to maintain the pipe condition to prevent the potential damage from happening. If you are not aware of what to do to take care of the plumbing installation in your building, we recommend you to ask for assistance from Eastern plumbing service. They will help you to maintain and care for the pipes. You can also find more information or discuss with the professional plumbers about how to maintain the pipes by yourself, so when you encounter an emergency plumbing situation, you are able to handle it on your own while waiting for the plumbing expert to come.

It’s important to use a thread protector, when you are taking care of the plumbing system. This product can be helpful for you to prevent any damage to your pipes, and can also extend the life expectancy of your pipes. Most of the thread protectors are made by either plastic or iron.

The protectors that are made from plastic are the most effective ones. They are made from the combination of resin and plastic, and it makes these protectors the toughest ones.

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