Aloe Vera Benefits, Uses, Recipes, and Side Effects

Aloe Vera Benefits, Uses, Recipes, and Side Effects

Aloe Vera, the succulent plant, has unexpected benefits and the plant grows only in arid, tropical and semi-tropical regions around the globe. Aloe Vera gel benefits extend beyond cosmetic purposes and here will share the ways you can use it. For consumer benefits, it is found in beverages, ointments, and cosmetics as well. But it is always best when used raw. Aloe Vera gel can also be used for infections, minor cuts, or even sunburn. After several studies, there is ample clinical evidence of its safety and effectiveness.

How can you aloe vera?

Aloe Vera is primarily stem-less or short-stemmed. The leaves remain thick and fleshy. The color of the plant goes from green to dark-green, but there can be certain variations. For example, some plants have flakes spreading all over. They show up on upper and lower stem-surface.

Aloe Vera is more of a summer plant. It produces arbuscular mycorrhiza, in the form of symbiosis. This symbiosis, in turn, allows the Aloe Vera plant access to nutrients and minerals in the soil. Did you know that this wondrous species can also be used in decorative purposes? It can be potted indoors without much ado.

The cultivation of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is widely cultivated as an ornamental plant. You can find traces of Aloe Vera in modern gardens. The species can survive even in low rainfalls. This makes it ideal for smaller water-use gardens and rockeries.

This fleshy plant cannot survive in heavy frost on the flip side. It could be intolerant to snowfall. But, on the brighter side, it is pest resistant. In some instances, spiders cause a decline in plant health. When planted indoors, it requires sandy soil and sunny conditions. But Aloe Vera plant can wrinkle when exposed to continual sunrays.

The only thing to remember is the plant needs re-watering before drying up completely. During the cold winter, these succulent species become dormant. The absolute dearth of moisture makes it so. In cold regions, the plant is kept in heated glasshouses for better protection. In Australia, this species is produced on a larger scale. There is moderate to high production in regions like India, Cuba, Bangladesh, and Jamaica.

aloe vera benefits

Benefits of Aloe Vera juice in our day-to-day lives

Aloe Vera juice is a storehouse of vitamin C. A diluted version of aloe juice is extremely popular. Its citrus properties are truly amazing and it keeps cough and cold problems at bay. Fortified Aloe juice is an excellent source of minerals. It remains beneficial for the overall wellbeing of human beings.

Little doses of vitamin C can help our immune system function better. Aloe Vera juice can even reduce the risks of a cardiovascular attack. Also, one must remember to incorporate little doses of aloe juice in daily diets. This excellent source of vitamin C should not be missed out.

Aloe Vera Benefits for super hydration

Drinking fluids help us to stay hydrated. Needless to mention, dehydration can cause us harm. But we often take refuge in soda and other harmful alternatives. Now, here comes a much healthier alternative in the form of aloe juice. It is both nutritious and hydrating. It is a low-calorie drink that is not sugary at all.

Yes, aloe drink can keep you hydrated all day long. A 9-ounce aloe drink contains only 36 calories, and that is quite less. Aloe juice is an excellent substitute for the most unhealthy beverages. Also, you won’t need to drink aloe juices in hefty amounts. Only six teaspoons will do wonders for women. Whereas for men, around nine teaspoons provide adequate hydration. Note that the American Health Association has approved aloe drinks in mild doses. So, make sure you don’t overdo it.

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Aloe vera benefits for weight loss

This nutrition-loaded species can even aid weight loss. This fleshy plant could help you get rid of those extra kilos. Jotted down are specific ways how Aloe Vera can ease weight loss programs.

1. Aloe Vera can aid digestion

Consumption of its edible part aids better digestion. This is primarily because the plant has laxative properties. Aloe Vera targets the gut directly. An unhealthy gut can generally be linked with obesity and weight-related problems. A healthy digestive tract leads to better food metabolism. A healthy digestive system also helps in optimal waste expulsion from our bodies. This, in turn, manages the body-weight.

2. Fights water retention

Water retention is the culprit that causes gain in weight. Being laxative, aloe fights water weight. So, now we know that Aloe Vera gel benefits extend beyond the apparent cosmetic purposes. A word of caution would be to not consume its extracts in excess.

3. In boosting metabolism

There are certain properties of aloe that boost body metabolism. It has miraculous fat-burning abilities. The presence of vitamin B in the extracts burns underlying body fats. Better metabolism of food helps to keep us energetic throughout the day.

4. Aloe Vera can even detoxify our body

Aloe Vera extracts having a complex element called acemannan. It is this compound that facilitates nutrient absorption and provides better nourishment. It also detoxifies the body a great deal. In this manner, Aloe Vera benefits are in myriad.

Aloe Vera medicinal uses

Aloe extracts can heal you internally. It has multiple medicinal uses and is a miraculous healer. Jotted down are some medicinal uses of this wonder herb:

1. Aloe extracts have healthful compounds

Aloe Vera is widely used in foods and pharmaceutical industries. The harmless fleshy leaves are being loved and accepted worldwide. Aloe extracts have bioactive compounds that include minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. The extracts of Aloe Vera have compounds that are extremely beneficial to the human body.

2. Antibacterial properties heal us internally

We are all aware that Aloe Vera has anti-bacterial properties. But, did you know it is also a very powerful antioxidant? Aloe Vera belongs to the family of polyphenols. The compound coupled with other substances inhibits the growth of bacteria. To top it all, Aloe Vera fights infection-causing antibodies inside our system. We can easily infer that Aloe Vera gel benefits are in a plethora.

3. Aloe Vera heals burns

Often found in medical stores, Aloe Vera can be used as an ointment. Used in topical treatments, Aloe Vera can even heal burns. An experimental study has found out that Aloe Vera reduces the healing period of burns. Aloe takes lesser time to heal when compared to conventional medicines.

Aloe Vera gel benefits

4. In treating dental-plaque

Tooth decay and gum ailments do bother us. A majority of tooth and gum problems happen due to plaque build-up. Aloe Vera extracts can be mixed in mouthwashes as well. Within days, folks found it better than conventional ones sold in the market. Another study found out similar results of aloe mouth wash over a period of a month. Aloe Vera effectively kills Streptococcus mutans. This is a plaque producing bacterium that degrades our dental health. So, it can be said that Aloe extracts are no less than a wonder.

5. Aloe Vera treats canker sores

Mouth ulcers also are known as canker sores cause irritations inside our mouth. The ulcer initiates underneath the lips and gradually spreads inside our mouth. Certain researchers have found that aloe extracts can effectively treat mouth ulcers. It even inhibits any further spread of ulcers. People with recurrent canker sores reported the effectiveness of aloe extracts in healing the condition. Aloe Vera applied to the affected patch reduces the spread of mouth ulcers. Aren’t Aloe Vera benefits simply miraculous?

6. Aloe Vera reduces constipation

So here’s a problem that is totally unwanted and uninvited. Yes, you’re right. We’re talking about constipation. The latex provides relief in constipation. The compound responsible for relieving constipation is also called aloin. This compound has well-known laxative effects. But here comes a word of caution. Very frequent use might have safety concerns. Be sure to use the laxative compound in mild to moderate doses.

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7. Aloe Vera can keep blood sugar in check

Aloe Vera can even be a magical remedy for ones suffering from diabetes. Isn’t that simply mind-boggling? Aloe Vera extracts speed-up insulin sensitivity. So, this means, aloe can manage blood sugar levels as well. Certain studies have confirmed that aloe can be effective in type-2 diabetes more than other maladies. The results can be truly promising. Also, direct consumption in moderate doses is absolutely safe. Long-term ingestion in mild doses does more good than harm. Over-the-counter supplements can be procured without too many difficulties.

Aloe Vera as an excellent hair-fall remedy

Did you know Aloe Vera can strengthen the hair shaft? It also does make the scalp look healthy. This little dose of wonder can be truly beneficial for hair growth. Often applied in the gel form, you can procure it from all leading pharmacies. Aloe gel penetrates hair follicles and reduces hair damage. It is important to know the method of usage. Let the gel sit for an hour. Then rinse it off with the help of a mild cleanser. Check out some more aloe vera benefits for hair:

1. Calms itchy scalp

Aloe gel can relieve our itchy scalp. It can be very effective to treat dandruff affected hair. You can reduce the flaking of the scalp with aloe vera. Scalp inflammation reduces the application of Aloe gel in mild doses.

2. Aloe gel well cleanses oily hair

Unlike harsh chemicals, aloe gel has a soothing effect on our scalp. Aloe extracts deep cleanses our scalp thereby restoring hair integrity. It’s gentle and cool properties make our hair look shinier, healthier and softer.

3. Aloe gel promotes hair-growth

Aloe gel has an incredible potential to aid better circulation of blood. This makes it an awe-inspiring herb. On its proper application, the flow of blood to the scalp enhances. With proper smoothening, you might experience much less breakage. Also, the aloe gel application slows down the loss of hair. It rejuvenates hair health and promotes faster growth.

Aloe Vera gel benefits for skin

Aloe gel helps to retain moisture in our skin making it soft and supple. Massage aloe gel on your skin and you will see visible differences very soon. Jotted down are Aloe Vera benefits for a healthy radiating glow on skin:

1. Aloe gel as a moisturizer

Unlike most other products, aloe gel is totally devoid of harmful chemicals. It helps to unclog pores. Also, it never leaves behind a greasy feel. It imparts a subtle glow as well. Even men can use aloe gel as an after-shave treatment. It can heal minor cuts and burns. The dryness that razors leave behind can be compensated with aloe-gel.

2. Aloe gel inhibits the aging process

Vitamin E coupled with beta carotene inhibits the aging process. Aloe gel also reduces fine lines miraculously. Additionally, it produces collagen and restores skin elasticity.

3. Aloe gel reduces acne

People dealing with acne could find respite in aloe-gel. Its antiseptic properties act as a shield against germs. It treats pimples without causing harm to the skin. Aloe extracts also heal skin rashes and redness due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It keeps microbes and dirt at bay.

Aloe Vera gel benefits for skin

Aloe Vera recipes

  • Aloe Vera stir fry: Not everybody is aware that aloe makes for an excellent culinary ingredient. Use its sweeter variety to make an interesting dish. Just toss aloe leaves in the wok with little oil. Add the spice mix to enhance the taste. Stir fry until the mix looks cooked. Add some salt for seasoning and we’re ready to go.
  • Aloe Vera smoothie: Aloe smoothie is interesting to the core. With a knife, scoop the edible part. Put it in the mixer jar and add some strawberries. Add a dash of lime and blend-blend-blend! Gulp down this delectable smoothie.

Aloe Vera side effects

  • Oral consumption in heavy doses can cause abdominal discomfort.
  • It may cause dizziness and nausea if consumed in heavy doses.
  • Its oral use can cause intestinal obstructions.

In a nutshell

In mild doses, Aloe Vera benefits can never be defied. Know more about its beneficial properties to get a better idea. This wonder herb is popular worldwide due to its pharmaceutical uses. Now that we’re well equipped with Aloe-Vera uses, we must spread the word.

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