Ariana Grande Net Worth and How She Became a Youth Icon

Ariana Grande Net Worth and How She Became a Youth Icon

Ariana Grande-Butera, the rising star of American pop music has made a mark in a very short time. The 25-year-old made her debut as a singer in the year 2011 where she lent her voice for the soundtrack of the movie “Victorious”. She has acted in numerous television series and theatre plays. Ariana Grande is unapologetically one of the most celebrated musicians among her contemporaries and has several music awards to her credit. This is also the reason why we’re here to discuss the Ariana Grande net worth that she has called upon herself.

With the success of her new album “7 Rings”, her fans must be wondering what is the secret of her lavish lifestyle. So, what is Ariana Grande net worth? Though there is not much information regarding the singer’s exact net worth, it is somewhere around $50 million. No doubt the young superstar definitely has an impressive bank balance.

Before getting into her success story as a professional artist, let us take flashbacks into the early years. It will help us understand how she

The Early Years of Ariana Grande

The American singer was born on June 26, 1993, in Boca Raton, Florida. Ariana Grande age is now 26 and she has already made a mark in the world music industry.

Ariana Grande studied acting and received voice training from early childhood while she was in her elementary school. She was a performer right from her childhood and participated in various theatre plays in Florida.

She took part in a play featured in the “Little Palm Theatre for Young People” and also in the Fort Lauderdale Children’s Theatre.

In 2008, she took part in the Broadway musical “13”. It was a hit show and she had to leave school to be a part of it. The school authorities arranged for her education and provided her all the study materials so that she can study from home.

After the production ended, Ariana landed a role in the hit television show “Victorious”. In addition to that, she lends her voice for the character of Princess Diaspro in the “Winx Club” series. She also made her appearance in ‘iCarly’ a teenage hit series in Nickelodeon. Ariana Grande was born to be a superstar.

How did Ariana make it big?

Want to get an idea of Ariana Grande net worth? Here is a glimpse into some of the recent lucrative ventures of the singer.

Ariana Grande’s debut role in “Victorious

Grande bagged her debut role of “Cat” in the television series “Victorious”. The show was aired in Nickelodeon from the year 2010 to 2013. Even then the young actress was making a fortune. According to a report obtained from the TMZ, she was earning $9000 per episode in the first season. One can easily sum up Ariana Grande net worth even in those initial 3 years of her career.

The story does not end here. Reportedly, she was paid extra for composing original numbers for the hit show. Ariana earned a whopping amount of $4000 for the theme song and $3000 for the several tracks that she has composed for the show. Also, she earned $1500 for writing a 20-second track for the television series.

Ariana Grande tour in Coachella Music and Arts Festival 2019

Ariana Grande reportedly raked the headlines with her two-week grand performance at the Coachella music festival, 2019. The tour was a huge success. It is estimated that she earned $4 million each week making a gross net income of $8 million out of the tour.

Ariana’s debut album “Yours Truly”

Grande’s debut album was “Yours Truly” and it was released on August 30, 2013. The album sold 169,000 copies in the first week. The title track “The Way” was a hit at the “Top 10 Billboard” chart. Ariana went to an eight-month grand tour celebrating the success of her debut album. The tour earned her $40 million which was a good start for a young singer.

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 Dangerous Woman Tour in 2017

Ariana’s “Dangerous Woman” was her third solo album. The album was released in 2016 followed by Grande’s world tour in 2017.

The “Dangerous Woman” world tour lasted for seven months and Ariana made back-to-back shows on five continents. The tour was a huge success. By then, the tour has already scored a place as one of the top-grossing tours worldwide in 2017.

According to Billboard, Grande had made $71 million by the end of her tour in November with an average of around $630,000 per night.

Ariana’s Line of Fragrance

In 2017, the singer-actress partnered with the LUXE brand and launched her line of fragrances. The singer has made a fortune worth $150 million in just two years from the launch of her three fragrances-Moonlight, Sweet like candy, and Ari after her name.

Ariana launched her fourth fragrance the “Cloud” under the brand name of LUXE in 2018. It has earned $50 million in the first year itself. Undoubtedly, Ariana has a great fan following which has contributed to the success of her fragrance franchise.

According to WWD reports, in 2015, the singer sold $30,000 worth of fragrances in just one hour in New York’s Herald Square during a fan meet-and-greet event. This shows the singer has made a mark in the music industry and shares a unique bond with her fans. The Fragrance business has been profitable for Ariana and has made a significant mark in Ariana Grande net worth.

Ariana’s Partnership with Reebok

In September 2017, Ariana announced her endorsement with the acclaimed brand of Reebok and launched the Ariana X Reebok collection. The collection included a range of oversized sweatshirts and casual tee-shirts. The year-long association has made quite a contribution to Ariana Grande net worth.

As part of the deal with Reebok, she was also the face of the British brand Lipsy in 2016 and had her collection of capsules ranging between $9 to $96 for each piece.

Ariana Grande Net Worth in 2018

In April 2018, Ariana released her single music score “No Tears Left to Cry”. The single landed a number 3 spot in the “Billboard Hot 100” position. The song was included in her fourth album “Sweetener”. Her second single from the same album “God is Woman” was also a major hit and appeared in the top 10.

On August 17, 2018, Ariana released her fourth album the “Sweetener”. The same year she performed at the MTV Music Video Awards.

Earnings through her albums

Ariana Grande net worth is a result of her albums that sold a million copies worldwide.

According to the latest report by Neilson Music the combined sales of her albums “My Everything”, “Yours Truly”, “Dangerous Woman”, and “Christmas & Chill” has added a stooping sum of $1.7 million to Ariana Grande net worth.

According to the industry buzz, the young artist and her long-time boyfriend Pete Davidson together own a $16 million apartment in New York. This indicates that her album sales have sky-rocketed over the past year contributing to her fat bank balance.

Grande’s first album “Yours Truly” was released in 2013 and earned the number one position in U.S. Billboard 200. The album had sold 138,000 copies in the first week and a total of 596,000 copies within a year.

Grande’s second album was “My Everything” and was released in 2014. Ariana once again earned the number one spot in the Billboards. The first week sales of her album were 169,000 copies and crossed “Yours Truly. The yearly sales of the album were 735,000 copies. Clearly, this was a bigger hit than her first album.

The highs and lows

Grande’s third album was “Dangerous Woman” and released in 2016. This was not as successful as Ariana’s other albums and instead, it hit a number two position in the Billboard. Nonetheless, the album still managed to sell 175,000 copies in the first week and 396,000 copies by the end of 2018.

However, her “Dangerous Woman” world tour was a success and had sold 875,000 tickets with a gross sale of $71 million. This was a huge leap compared to her “Honeymoon Tour” in 2015 which got a total of $40 million.

According to the New York Times, her latest album the “Sweetener” has sold 230,000 copies in the first week. No wonder, the album is going to give the other musicians a run for the money in the coming weeks.

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Grande’s latest tour is the Sweetener Tour. The 34-stop world tour is estimated to gross around $1 million for every stop.

Some of Grande’s singles like the “Problem” where it featured Iggy Azalea had earned 3.7 million. Another single “Bang Bang” with Jessie J and Nicki Minaj grossed a sale of 3.4 million. Another major hit “The Way” featuring Mac Miller has grossed 2.4 million. The MTV UK reports have suggested that Grande had earned a $29.5 million alone with her single downloads.

ariana grande

Adriana Grande Endorsements

Adriana Grande net worth is not only about her albums and music events. She makes millions every year out of her various endeavors and endorsements. According to estimations, Ariana earns $20-30 million every year just through endorsements. Let us now take a sneak peek into some of the latest endorsements of Ariana Grande.

1. Brookstone Cat-Ear Headphones

Ariana partnered with the Brookstone brand and launched the cat-ear headphones in 2016. The headphone design by artist Wenqing Yan looks like cat ears. The price of each headphone is $150.

2. Givenchy, Paris

Ariana teamed up with Givenchy, a luxury fashion brand and launched her fashion line “Arivenchy” on July 15, 2019.

3. Lipsy London

Lipsy London is an established British fashion brand and specializes in women’s and girl’s clothing. Ariana partnered with Lipsy on March 2, 2016, and launched her clothing line and a jewelry line. Ariana’s spring and summer collection is iconic, trendy, and flirty, and targets the young market.

4. Reebok

Reebok is a subsidiary brand of Adidas and specializes in footwear and apparel. Ariana announced her partnership with the iconic brand on September 13, 2017. By March 2018, Ariana has generated immense profits for the company an amount closing up to $35 million. The success was celebrated by the premiere of Ariana’s music video “The Light is Coming” on June 20, 2018, at Reebok’s website.

5. Wat-aah

On October 1, 2014, Ariana announced her collaboration with Wat-aah, a bottled-water brand for kids. Something like this was on Ariana’s wish list. Wat-aah was a health brand and Ariana was happy to collaborate. With Wat-aah, Ariana believes that the brand is of the future and something that not only inspires but is good for everyone. The million-dollar advertising campaign proved to be very profitable for Ariana’s brand image and she was successful in inspiring millions of young kids worldwide.

6. Guess

Most of us know about this American fashion brand that markets clothing for men and women as well as shoes, perfumes, jewelry, and other accessories. Guess Music sponsored Ariana’s single “Side To Side” from Dangerous Woman along with Nicki Minaj’s video.

7. Mac Cosmetics

Mac Cosmetics founded in 1984 is one of the leading brands of cosmetic products in the world. The brand launched “Viva Glam” which is a line of lip products. Revenues from here goes for the cause of HIV/AIDS patients.

In 2016, Ariana Grande replaced Miley Cyrus and became the face of “Viva Glam”. On January 14, 2016, Ariana launched her line of “Viva Glam” products in the US and Canada. Ariana came live on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” show and promoted the product line. All the proceedings of the sales went to the “MAC AIDS” fund. Ariana was happy to collaborate with the cause and the endorsement became a huge success.

In May 2016, Ariana confirmed her partnership with Mac and went on to release a new line of products with the brand.


HeadCount is a non-profit organization and partnered with Ariana during her 2019 Sweetener World Tour. They encourage people who go to concerts to participate and vote in the general elections of the U.S.A.

HeadCount partnered with Adriana during her Sweetener tour and set up booths at the events to pledge concertgoers to vote. Grande always supported the cause and encouraged her fans to participate and support the NGO. She even promoted the work of the organization on Twitter.

Final thoughts

Now it is pretty evident how this young woman makes so much money for herself and has lots of love to give? The huge fan following has more to say about this Grande and we suppose that’s how she keeps getting better.

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