Questions You Should Be Asking Your Singapore Divorce Lawyer

Questions You Should Be Asking Your Singapore Divorce Lawyer

It is never a good experience to go through a divorce. When you hire a Singapore divorce lawyer, make sure that person is a good one. Thus, you better ask that person a few questions in the initial meeting before you can commit to that person

1. How long have you been involved in family law cases?

The first question to ask the attorney would be how long he or she has been handling family law cases. After all, there are a lot of things that only experience can teach. The longer the lawyer has been practicing, the bigger chance that person has of delivering you the victory or whatever it is you want from the divorce settlement. 

2. What will be the total cost incurred at the end of the divorce?

Another question to ask would be the amount you would need to pay the professional and the payment scheme. Surely, this is a time when you must be realistic when it comes to your budget. No matter how good the Singapore divorce lawyer is, you would not be able to hire that person if the fees are just way over your budget. You must hire someone who can accommodate your budget. if the lawyer gave high fees, you can still tell that person the amount you can afford and see if the lawyer would be willing to agree to that amount. Another option would be to tell the lawyer about your monthly salary so you can agree on the down payment and every when you can pay the person.

3. What is the divorce procedure?

One important question to ask the Singapore divorce lawyer would be about the divorce procedure. You would want to know what you are going to do next so you would be aware. There will be a procedure for the entire thing to be settled in a graceful manner. There will be several hearings where both exes must be present with their lawyers. The lawyer must go to the court and schedule that for you so you will just need to show up on the given time and date. 

4. Will I receive child custody or alimony?

If you have children, ask the lawyer about the chances of getting custody of your children. It is possible financial capabilities will come into play when this happens. It is going to be huge for the children to go to your side if you have a high-paying job and you have shown that you can support the children and yourself. then there is a huge chance the children would go to you. If you have two children and you are both financially stable, there is a chance one child would go to you and the other would go to your ex. It all depends on the capabilities of the attorney. You know both sides would want sole possession of the children and they would not mind erasing the memory of the other. The problem is that is a lot easier said than done as it is difficult for someone to raise a child on his or her own. There are a lot of hurdles on the way. Thus, better be careful what you wish for as you may just get it. 

If you have more questions, list them down and ask your lawyer. Remember that ultimately it is your divorce, and your future. It is crucial to understand what you are agreeing to.

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