Avoiding Spammers: A Guide on Blocking Messages on Android Devices

Avoiding Spammers:  A Guide on Blocking Messages on Android Devices

In the technological age that we live in, text messages revolutionized the way people communicate with each other in the form of an easier and accessible feature on our android devices. Regardless of the time and distance, all of the people you know are now a text message away. The text feature is helpful for various reasons, but it also has disadvantages.

It’s quite fortunate that iOS devices offer a much simpler way of blocking unwanted messages. Android devices, on the other hand, don’t work the same way. However, Android devices provide a more flexible way to block unwanted devices while having additional features into the mix. In this guide, we’ll show you how to block unwanted messages on Android.

Blocking Unwanted Texts on Android Devices

There are numerous ways to block text on android devices; however, blocking messages may differ from the messaging application you’re using. While you can usually do it through your default messaging app to block certain contacts, there’s also a wide array of options on blocking contacts through third-party software.

There’s also an option to block unwanted contact through your carrier, although it may vary from carrier to another. Some carriers offer international blocking tools; however, if you’re using AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile, you can go to the carrier’s respective websites and do it from there. 

Why Do It?

Let’s tackle most of the reasons people want to block certain people from contacting them through messages. One of which is Robotexts, a spammy message where it tricks users into giving them all the necessary information they need. Another would be weird and creepy texts, unfathomably creepy messages from strangers by acquiring your information through a mutual friend or a public document.

Moreover, there are Phishing texts, Death Threats, but the most common motive for blocking unwanted contacts is personal reasons. It’s perfectly reasonable to block contacts you have an issue with or someone you used to know that may hold a grudge. If you’re not comfortable with it, stop receiving messages by blocking them indefinitely.

Blocking Messages Through The Contacts App

The most common method when blocking unwanted contacts is through an Android device’s contacts application. It’s generally helpful if you’re already familiar with the application, especially when you already know the name and number of the person you want to block. Through this, all incoming calls and texts in the future are automatically blocked.

To block a contact, you first need to open the Contacts app on your Android device. Then, tap on the icon with the label ‘more.’ Select block contacts on the options, choose the contact details from your contact list, and select it. If you’re blocking an unrecognized contact, add it to the list and block the contact. You can also unblock the contact in the future if needed.

Takeaway of Android Device

For reasons such as receiving spam messages or you just don’t want that particular person to contact you. Everyone has a contact in their Android phone that they want to block indefinitely. Fortunately, we are now in the technological age, where various accessible tools would prevent receiving unwanted messages on your Android device.

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