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Awards 191 – 203

Yukon Sector
Honored 10308.

“I really like your site. It is the best LCARS style site out there. I also love your intro movie. I for one can truely appreciate the amout of work you put into this site. Your site loads fast and navigates smoothly.”

The Trekkie Universe
Honored 10306.

“I would like to award LCARSCom.Net with this award … I know this is a very large site and a lot of time is used up keeping it presentable. I greatly respect the time, effort, and money it takes to keep a site like this up. Please accept this as a token of gratitude towards LCARSCom.Net.”

The Captains Gaming Site
Honored 10210.

“We have recently been looking through Star Trek Sites that stand out against the rest and we have selected yours as one. This means that you have either won the gold, siver or bronze award for you great Star Trek website.“The following is the award you have won for this month: — Gold Award —”

Trek Connection
Honored 10210.

“LCARSCom.Net has to rank as one of the nicest LCARS format sites I’ve seen yet. I surfed the site for an hour when I realized I wasn’t even close to seeing it all. All the material is accurate, detailed, and complete.”

Star Trek: LCARS 74656
Honored 10206.

“You’re website has won the best award you can get from my site. You have a score of: 
5/5 – LCARS Look
5/5 – Layout
5/5 – Content
5/5 – Effort
= 20/20″

Honored 10205.

“I am Lt. Commander Amanda Sielu Paris in and the Team Leader of our Communications Awards Team. Our job is to seek out the best Star Trek … websites for our Shuttlebay, which is our link page and search engine we run. Another job of ours is to take the ones that we had added in the past month and award the best of them. I’m pleased to tell you that you’ve not only been added to our Shuttlebay, but you’ve also been awarded 2nd Place in May’s Star Trek category.”

The USS Hyphron
Honored 10107.

The Star Trek Midi Page
Honored 10105.

“We, the founding people of Unimatrix 047, wish to present LCARSCom.Net with the Golden Shield Award, achieving the rank of Fleet Admiral.”

The Star Trek Midi Page
Honored 10103.

“This page has not only a brilliant LCARS design, but the contents is very much convincing as well. If you need to know something specific about the Star Trek universe you’ll probably find it within this database. A lot of interactive extras are contained as well: chat, a monthly contest, online bookstore etc. But the reason for the “Gold Pressed Latinum Award”, the bit that makes the site special for this honor, is “Vic’s Lounge”, a section where you’ll find music video and audio files, both as streaming audio and for download. Congratulations, Sean!”

Starfleet Academy Central
Honored 10103.

“…at my website I have two awards that I give away, one called the LCARS award, the other the Shockwave Award, and your site has won both!”

The Flying Dutch
Honored 10012.

The December 6th, 2000 issue of The Flying Dutch, the Dutch Star Trek Fan Club Magazine, contains a brief write-up about the LCARS Computer Network.

The Alpha Quadrant Sim Group
Awarded 10010.

“Congratulations, Your site has been awarded the:
– A.Q.S.G. Star Trek LATINUM Award”
Awarded 10010.

TrekSites Editor’s Exclusive Review: “This site is one of THE best LCARS designs I have EVER seen. I am not exaggerating. You need Flash and the newest browser, and a broadband connection helps I’m sure (I haven’t tested it with a dialup, obviously it would be at least a bit slower). The layout is very complete, and if you use IE’s fullscreen mode in 1024×768 resolution (w/17″+ monitor), the whole main LCARS display fits on the screen and it makes you want to have a touchscreen to finish the effect!”

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