Balancing adventure ability with city sensibility. Subaru Forester Review

Balancing adventure ability with city sensibility. Subaru Forester Review

As the weather warms, sights are being set on some of Western Australia’s finest travel destinations. No matter your choice, be it Shark Bay, Albany, or Kalbarri, looking for a solid SUV that’s both affordable and up to the job is going to take some thought. With the market slowly becoming saturated with would-be SUV’s, there’s one car that continues to draw attention. It’s the Subaru Forester for adventure. And the latest version is what many have been waiting for. 

Subaru Forester for adventure:

The Forester is a generous car. It feels like space has been made available everywhere inside. The cabin and boot feel larger than ever so there will always be enough space for extra bags or the odd esky. With an enormous cargo hold, it’s a highly useful car. Being the flagship holiday car in Subaru’s fleet, it’s 8.7-inch ground clearance means there are few roads it won’t handle. The Forester’s ground clearance out-runs close competitors including the Ford Escape, Hyundai Tucson, and the likes. Its all-terrain capability shouldn’t be taken lightly either, with X-Mode and Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive System, the Forester has struck a competitive edge in the affordable SUV market. Broad, handsome and sensible, chasing the sun on an open road is exactly where the Forester feels most at home. 

Is Subaru’s STARLINK worth the fuss?

STARLINK is Subaru’s latest tech providing an integrated entertainment system. And it’s pretty good. Connecting to in-built WIFI to stream your favourite shows makes the backseat drive on a long trip all the more exciting. That being said, hopefully, your scenery is just as entertaining on a long drive. But it turns out STARLINK isn’t just about entertainment. The Premium, Sport, Limited and Touring trims offer remote engine start technology and climate control, making entry into your car as smooth as possible. Climbing into a pre-warmed vehicle on a frosty morning could well be the smooth start to the day you needed. There’s also what Subaru has coined the Advanced Automatic Collision Notification which will alert an operator in case of an accident and you would then be able to call for roadside assistance through the app. Making the Forester the ultimate road-trip car has seen Subaru stop at nothing to deliver these extra services.

How does the Subaru sit with families?


The Subaru Forester for adventure has been designed to be versatile in where it can go and what it can do. It’s also a win-win for whoever is at the wheel. Young or old, it’s got a timeless charm that appeals to anyone who is up for adventure and comfort along the way. With ample cabin space, the Forester is both easy to climb in and out of, while the loading gate on the boot is very accessible. Three child seat anchor points are available along with rear door child locks and a host of driver assistance tech that will greatly increase your road safety no matter how large or loud the family. 

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