Bathroom trends to watch out for in 2020

Bathroom trends to watch out for in 2020

When we think of a bathroom, we always think of a pristine all-white bath or shower with light walls. However, there are many ways you can personalise your room to make it as unique and bold as possible. From all-black bathroom to smart showers and vintage fixtures, here are some of our favourite trends for the coming year. 

Back in black

Black is often underrated or misunderstood in decoration. Seen as macabre, depressing or dreading, people normally tend to use brighter colours for bathrooms. However, adding some black touches to your shower room can really make a difference to its overall look. In fact, black is a classy way to add a dramatic touch, you could start small with an accent wall for example. If you don’t feel like painting your wall, then just add some black objects in your room such as a shower head or some black ceramic wall tiles to create a dramatic monochrome look.  

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Botanical look 

Adding a jungle look to your bathroom could be just what you need! Botanical is in this season, with bold, busy and colourful prints, this trend is perfect if you want to add some quirkiness to your home.  Inspired by nature, you could start by adding some pretty jungle wallpaper or even some green plants. Bamboo furniture would also look great in this bathroom. 

High tech

Tech is everywhere, from our television to our home security or our fridge. We now see a rise in technology being installed in bathrooms with temperature control, USB charger, the famous Japanese style toilet or even voice command shower. Everything is possible and why not invite the latest technology innovation to your bathroom? 

Big mirrors

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Having a mirror is a must in any bathroom, however having a big oversized mirror is currently really trendy. Firstly, because it will make your bathroom looks bigger but also because it looks great. There are lots of options out there such as frameless mirrors, or repurposed antique mirrors. If you’re really into your mirrors, don’t be afraid to add of gallery of different shapes from small, medium to large mirrors on a dedicated wall in your room, it will definitely add some personality to your bathroom. 

Less is more

Minimalism is a growing trend and a way of living that can easily be integrated directly in your shower room. By having less clutter, you’re more likely to have a more relax time when pampering or having a bath/shower. In general, minimalist bathrooms have a clean look with white, grey décor and very little furniture or appliances. 

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