Benefits of binary number system in your daily life

Benefits of binary number system in your daily life

Nothing exists in our life without any reason. For example, many of us might think the Roman numerals are obsolete now, but they are still very much in use, and in fact, in trend. The binary number system is also quite an essential part of our life. Especially, the technology used in the world these days to bring comfort in our daily life is pretty much dependent on the binary number system.

In this article, we will discuss the applications and benefits of binary numbers in our daily life. But before we take a look at the benefits and applications of the binary number system in our everyday life. We should know about the beginning of the binary system and its basics. We would take a look at some notable contributors in the development of the Binary number system. More details are given below:

Beginning of Modern Binary Number System:

Gottfried Leibniz, a German logician and mathematician, is said to be the founder of the modern binary number system. Leibniz got inspiration for binary numbers through an ancient Chinese book or transcript named ‘I Ching’. ‘I Ching’ means ‘the book of changes’ and it literally changed the approach of Leibniz towards the binary numbers, and he refined the binary number system in such a way that it is still used in modern computer systems.  

The binary number system is based on base 2 as compared to the decimal system which relies on base 10. It only consists of two types of symbols 1 and 0. All the binary numbers are further combinations of these symbols. Binary numbers also found their application in Boolean Algebra defined by a British mathematician George Boole in the middle of the 19th century in his publications. 

The Boolean algebra found its use in the early 20th century when a student from Massachusetts Institute of Technology realized that the Boolean Algebra defines the working of electric circuits through multiple logic states like And, Or, and Not. Since then, Boolean Algebra which is fundamentally based on binary numbers is used in the logical analysis of electrical switches and transistors which are mainly used in computers and smart electric appliances.

Applications of Binary Number System in Our Daily Life:

There is a variety of applications of binary number systems in our daily life. Some of them are discussed in details below:

The binary number system finds its most common and prominent use in computer systems. The reason for that is the digital encoding, which is the foundation of computer programming and language. The digital encoding used in computers is based on the binary number system or more precisely on two symbols used by the binary system to express various figures. 

The world, these days, relies on visual data instead of written data. Taking the example of imagery, binary numbers or bits are used to encode images. A dedicated binary line for every single pixel is used to encode an image. For example, if an image is being displayed on a screen using a 16-bit code, the pixel would be provided with instructions in terms of 1s and 0s regarding which color would be shown by the pixel. Based on this figure, we can expect the outcome of more than 65 thousand colors, according to the figure 2^16. 

Another application of binary numbers on the computer is when computers make calculations. Machines add numbers by flipping switches which are controlled by Boolean algebra. This means the switches could only be in the state of on and off and there is no intermediate state. This increases the reliability of computers and eliminates the chances of any exceptions as there could be no intermediate state. 

Binary numbers are also used in assigning Internet Protocols or IPs. Binary numbers are extensively used in IP addressing system. This system depends upon the binary number system for the generation of IP addresses. There are two types of IPs these days, one type is known as IPv4 while the other one is IPv6. These IPs are further divided into various categories or classes like A, B, and C. Each class holds a different number of hosts and network addresses. 

Another great use of the binary number system is the ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) code. It is regarded as a method to represent a number of characters used for encoding of text documents on computers. Multiple characters ad symbols used in text like lower-case and upper-case alphabets, numbers, punctuation symbols, and symbols from other languages are represented by 7 bits in the ASCII system. In extended ASCII code, these symbols are represented by 8 bits. For example, if we have to define ‘Null’ in ASCII code, it would hold a value of 0000000 in the computer.

People who want to learn the binary code may use a binary translator tool for this purpose. They can convert data from binary to English and Binary to ASCII easily with the use of this tool. 

The binary number system is also used to implement circuitry in various smart appliances and computers. The simplicity of this system enables the circuits to stay in definitive situations and give standard outputs on the basis of voltages passing through. For example, in a 5V circuit system, the value of voltage lower than 5 would call for an ‘off’ state while that of higher value would show ‘on’ state. 

This would have become a mess if we tried to implement a decimal system in circuitry. As a fact, Charles Babbage attempted to implement the decimal system in computers and had to face failure because of the complexity of this system.   

One of the main benefits of implementing the binary system is the simplicity that comes with it. In case, if we try to implement the decimal system for this purpose, we have to use a considerably higher number of circuits as compared to those being already applied for this purpose. It also eventually allows us to save space and energy. It also aids in efficiency in quicker turn over of computers. 


The binary number system holds a significant position in our daily life. A number of technologies we go through our everyday life including communication, data transfer and storage, Web, and smart systems all are working with the help of Binary codes. The binary number system is like a lifeline to these systems. So, the Binary number system is really beneficial in our daily.

For those people who want to enhance their knowledge about binary code, the binary code translator could be a blessing in disguise. They can also use it to convert encoded data from binary to text quickly. We are sure that this article would be helpful for you in knowing about the Binary number system, its uses, and its benefits.      

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