Benefits to buying a new construction home

Benefits to buying a new construction home

Investing in the right space can change your life. Research suggests that 33% of homeowners changed to healthier habits after remodeling their kitchen. However, renovating a single room may not be enough to bring about a drastic change. If you wish to have a complete transformation, consider buying a new construction home instead of an existing one. Here are the benefits of buying a new construction home.

1. Low Maintenance Cost. Compared to a pre-owned home, new construction houses will cost you less to maintain up front. New buildings adhere to the current rules and building codes. As such, you do not have to renovate to meet the required safety standards. Every element in the house, from plumbing fixtures, appliances to the HVAC unit, is brand new, so you do not have to replace them for a few years. This advantage will leave you with more money to furnish your new home.  

2. Technology. Some of the recent technologies are not compatible with older building structures. New construction homes feature a completely integrated home technology solution. Integrated home solutions seamlessly communicate with you to simplify your life. New construction homes combine lighting, climate, entertainment, security, and more on a single platform. The technology in new construction homes scales from small homes to large estates to accommodate all home buyers.

3. Energy Efficiency. With technology and modern construction comes the advantage of energy efficiency. Constructors use the latest construction materials and practices to build modern homes. This building habit results in a home with reduced monthly utility bills. New construction homes are also certified by an independent, third-party home energy rater. The new house must achieve specific energy standards and requirements to be rated as energy efficient. The requirements can range from insulated walls to high energy efficient central air conditioning.                         

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4. Durability. These days, building codes are much stricter. As such, you can expect new construction houses to hold up during extreme weather conditions. The plumbing, electrical, and sewer of new construction homes are built to last. You can stay for years before you replace some of these things. Modern constructors use PVC materials, which do not degrade.

5. Home Warranty. Like new cars, new construction homes now come covered by warranties. In case you experience any problems with your home, the home builder will meet all the repair costs during the period covered by the warranty. If you buy a pre-owned home, you will meet all the repair costs, including those that nobody told you about before you made the purchase.

6. Style. In pre-owned homes, you will find things that you will want to replace. For instance, you may want to remove the old carpet or strip off the old paint. You can work with a contractor during your new home’s construction to include the design and styles you want. By doing so, you will eliminate the need to remodel.

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