Best 7 Tech Gift Choices for College Students in 2020

Best 7 Tech Gift Choices for College Students in 2020

If you are still undecided about what gift to give to college students, then, you may want to think of buying tech gifts. What are tech gifts? These are useful gadgets like Bluetooth and headset which are very functional in the everyday lives of college students.

Natalie Crawford, the freelance writer at has interviewed more than 500 students, asking them only one question – what is your perfect tech gift? And here is the result – 

the best 7 tech gifts that the gift receiver will definitely appreciate:

  1.  Power Bank:

College students use smartphones and tablets all the time to communicate and to study. But, continuous usage of these gadgets depletes the battery level and this is the reason why a power bank is very useful for college students. This gadget can save the day and will allow them to use their smartphones and tablets without the fear of getting low batt. 

It is advisable to choose a power bank that can charge up to 3 to 4 gadgets simultaneously. 

  1. AirPods:

College students make use of earphones all the time. The download audio files as part of learning. It is highly recommended that you choose AirPods because of its impeccable quality. 

Bluetooth pairing is easy, the sound quality is exceptional, comfort is not compromised, and these have long battery life. Those are just some of the benefits of choosing AirPods as tech gifts for college students.

Additionally, they will love the noise-canceling feature so they can concentrate on what they are listening to. 

  1. Backpacks:
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College students carry heavy loads of stuff. They have great use for modern backpacks that have features like charging port, pockets for smartphones and tablets and safe and padded room for a laptop. 

By gifting college students with modern backpacks, you can help them move with ease in and out of the campus. 

  1. Portable Speaker:

College students love to hang out and listen to good music. That is their way of taking a break from stressful college responsibilities. Then, there are also those who prefer to study while having soft music in the background. 

You can choose to buy portable speakers that give high sound quality for their size. These speakers can be connected to their smartphones or laptops and have a long battery life of 16 to 19 hours. 

  1. LED World Clock:

College students have a schedule to follow. By giving them a world clock, in a way, you also inculcate in them the virtue of being on time in their classes and extracurricular activities. 

Another nice thing about the world clock is that they can check the time in multiple countries around the globe. It saves them the time of converting time differences between counties. 

  1. Smartwatch:

Students have a great use for this type of gadget. The smartwatch does not only tell the time but does a lot more for college students. They can receive calls and text messages, receive social media notifications, works as a fitness tracker, and many more. 

The smartwatch can be easily paired with a smartphone. 

  1. Alarm Clock:

Being late for class is not an option. An alarm clock should be a staple for college students to avoid tardiness. These days, the alarm clocks come with different features like different display color options, snooze length, night light which can be used as reading light, and multiple volumes and tones of alarm. 


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Choosing the best gift for college students entails careful planning. By doing so, you are sure that you get your money’s worth because the gift that you bought is practical and useful for them. The tech gifts suggested above are all affordable and they’d be thankful for having as part of being college students. 


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