Best Free Photo Editor Online for the Most Desirable Results in 2020

Best Free Photo Editor Online for the Most Desirable Results in 2020

We all want to look good in our photos and lookout for the best free photo editor online. The honest Now, clicking pictures is only half the work done. Whether you are using a mobile or a DSLR, editing pictures is always better if you want them to look better. However, the honest part is that not everyone is a professional, so that some photos may require more editing than others.

In this article, we are listing down some names to make your search for the best free photo editor online easier. The best part is that using a good editor can transform the dullest of images into the perfect shots. If you look back in the day, the process of photography was much more complex. Moreover, despite doing so much, the process did not bring out the most desirable results. However, with the advancement of technology, photography has also become smarter and easier.

Unlike in the past, when photographers used the push and pulled method in a dark room, now you don’t have to do anything of that type. In fact, using the best photo editor online means that you will get automatic features for light and shadow adjustment. Moreover, there are several options from which you can make a choice. Therefore, there is no problem if you don’t like a feature in one software because you have many choices.

On the other hand, if the list becomes too long, choosing the best free photo editor online will become difficult. So, here is presenting the top two contenders who are fighting to achieve the best position. Besides, we must get thorough details of each of these to ensure that your choice is perfect.

Best free photo editor online – Adobe Lightroom Classic Vs. Skylum Luminas 4

Without further delay, here you can check out all the details regarding the best photo editor online. All of this software brings out the most incredible results using a range of amazing features. Therefore, whether you are a professional photographer or not, the software below will undoubtedly impress you.

Adobe Lightroom Classic

Adobe’s name is a symbol of reliability, and the consistency remains the same for so many years. Users appreciate every software that Adobe launches and their photo editors are no exception. Moreover, the Lightroom Classic is not the only photo editing software by Adobe. However, looking at 2020, this one is undoubtedly one of the best.

It seems that no other software is being able to match up to the level of Adobe Lightroom Classic. When you consider the photo-editing features and the software’s overall organization, it is surely a benchmark for all other tools out there. Therefore, even if you are a busy photographer with a heavy workflow, Adobe’s gift is surely the best free photo editor online.

Batch editing feature:

For professional photography, the Lightroom Classic software brings for you the batch editing feature. Moreover, the export/import options here are unmatchable. Therefore, if you have the Adobe Lightroom Classing software for photo editing, not the workload will bother you.

If you are among the stock photographers, website designers, bloggers, and the like, then you may be all hearts for metadata. In that case, we suggest you use the Adobe Lightroom Classic, which is undoubtedly better than what you are using right now. Moreover, you will be able to arrange import presets, which is again a massive time saver. Since Lightroom Classic focuses majorly on metadata, the image search options have become more efficient than ever. This includes everything such as the lens type, location, camera type, and more.

One of the most amazing features of the Adobe Lightroom Classic is its adaptability. It means that the software is capable of doing edits effortlessly on almost all programs. This includes Adobe as well as several other third-party software. After the whole work is complete, you can transfer the photos back to Lightroom for finalization. Therefore, whether you want to carry out some intensive editing or illuminate pictures, it is no longer a problem.

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Best Free Photo Editor Online
Image Credit: Digital Trends

Plugin available

While in some cases, some tools offer a good plugin option; the others don’t. In that case, a tool will push you out towards a different program without a convenient way of returning. Now, the majority of photographers depend a lot on the preset settings for their editing work. Of course, the liberty of applying a consistent look to a batch of images is a massive time saver. Moreover, consistency is the key, and Lightroom helps you achieve the same.

In the case of the Adobe Lightroom Classic, several preset features are available in the basic version only. In fact, there some of the best ones that you can get without purchasing the premium version of Lightroom. Now, you know why Lightroom is our first choice as the best free photo editor online. Moreover, there is a range of other presets that you can download from other industry sites too.

Top-notch features

The latest version of Lightroom Classic comes with a ‘Profiles’ feature to make editing more efficient. Moreover, the browser option here provides a straightforward and quick way to check out the various styles available. There are several other top-notch features that Lightroom brings for your benefit. This includes profile-oriented lens correction, chromatic aberration, noise adjustments, healing brush, and more.

On the other hand, using the Adobe Lightroom Classic gives you access to panorama and HDR integration, cloud storage, face recognition, and more. Moreover, there is also a mobile application for the Adobe Lightroom Classic software. As a result, using the same becomes so much more convenient for anyone at any time.

Several desktop-oriented workflow benefits are waiting for you if you choose to subscribe to a Creative Cloud Photography Scheme. Moreover, the Lightroom Classic mobile app comes totally free of cost. Besides, downloading the latest version of the mobile app entitles you to several unique benefits. Out of everything, the most important is that now you can transfer images from the camera directly to your phone or tablet. As a result, editing, finalizing, sharing, and managing the entire process becomes smoother.

The latest version of the best photo editor online

The Adobe Lightroom Classic latest version is the best free online photo editor with cool effects. Moreover, it is the best option if you want to get rid of carrying your laptop everywhere you go. The fact that this magic photo editor online app is equally efficient helps you relax. On the other hand, if you are already a Lightroom Classic 6 user, it is time you upgrade to the next level.

Whenever you edit photos on your phone, you must also transfer those to your computer for the ultimate processing. In that case, using the Lightroom Classic software helps you to keep everything in the perfect organization. Now, that is called the next level of photo editing. Moreover, when you are using the Lightroom Classic tool, access to Adobe Photoshop is a bonus.

Best Free Photo Editor Online

Pricing is a limitation.

The latter is an incredible photo editing software that you can use for intensive photo modifications. As you already know, Adobe Photoshop is compatible with Lightroom Classic. Plus, it also comes in the form of a mobile app that works both for Android and iOS. Therefore, it is perfect when you run out of time and want to finish the last moment work on the go.

Even though there is a basic version of Lightroom Classic, the premium features call for a subscription. Therefore, many users are upset that they will have to pay a monthly or annual amount against access to the best of this software. However, there are alternatives to these plans that you can check out for your convenience. Still, Adobe’s plans are best in comparison to all other competitors in the market presently. Moreover, the benefits of using the LR Classic are unbeatable.

Skylum Luminar 4

When Adobe users were frantically looking for a cheaper alternative against the Lightroom Classic, Skylum Luminar became a savior. While there were several other contenders on the list, Luminar arose to become the best to give Lightroom a tough fight. Therefore, you can also consider this one as the best photo editor online in the present market.

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The best part about using the Skylum Luminar 4 tool is that there is something special for everyone. For beginners, there are features like one-click edit and cool filters. On the other hand, it works incredibly as a professional photo editor online. In the case of the latter, there are more intense special effects and editing tools. Therefore, Skylum Luminar 4 is a great option for photographers who like to experiment.

Why is it so popular?

Now, there are two reasons why Skylum Luminar 4 has become so massively popular. First of all, a one-time subscription amount of less than $100 is desirable. We say it is attractive because you must consider the cost of using other contenders in the market. Secondly, Luminar gives you access to artificial intelligence tools that you won’t get anywhere else. For example, if you want to moderate an image or change the lighting intensively, it is now effortless.

You will be happy to know that before the launch of the Skylum Luminar 4, such modification was only for the department of professionals. However, with general access to tools like this, anyone who likes photography can enjoy the features. Moreover, using this tool means you are also saving a lot of time. Everything is possible with just a single click of your mouse. Now, you can check out tutorials for using this tool properly on the internet.

Blend of the best tools

If you are a regular editor, then while using Skylum, you will realize that most of the basic features are almost the same as Lightroom. However, what makes this one different is the major focus on artificial intelligence. As a result, several effective auto-correction tools make the editing procedure better than ever. Again, if you love presets, then the Luminar 4 tool brings some incredible options. Moreover, some of them are available free of cost too. Although the presets are difficult to use, once you understand the tricks, the work will become smooth.

There is one limitation when it comes to the plugin feature in Skylum Luminar 4. It is that the same is more expensive compared to that of Adobe Lightroom Classic. You will also find similarities in Skylum with the famous Photoshop Express. For example, Skylum offers the same type of blending modes and layers. Now, you can understand why Skylum is gaining more popularity. Well, it seems like this tool is a blend of the best features of some of the most effective photo editors out there.

Best Free Photo Editor Online
Image Credit: ePHOTOzine

Easy navigation

Navigating through the wide range of options in Skylum Luminar 4 is very easy. The main reason why you will love working on this software is that there are just six tabs. All the features and categories are present under these tabs only. The six tabs are, namely- layers, Pro, Canvas, Portrait, Creative, and Essentials. The look is also very modern. So, when you click on one tab, the other one will automatically close.

Understanding the filters and other options are easier now because the segregation is according to the final effects. For example, the names Sky Replacement, Matte Look, Sunrays, and more tells you what you should expect already. You will also find different lighting options to change the basic shade, highlights, warmth, and more in a photo. Altogether, the Skylum Luminus 4 organization is so cool that there is zero workplace cluttering.

There are, however, a few things that still keep Luminus lagging in the second position behind Lightroom. The most important is the import/export option and the metadata benefits. Moreover, there is a limitation on image search, too, because the scope is very less here. Still, the makers of Skylum are well aware of all the limitations and are constantly working to improve those.

Final thoughts

What you see above is a detailed comparison between two of the best photo editor online. It is now your choice that will depend on your budget and requirements

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