Best Gaming Keyboards for FPS Games

Best Gaming Keyboards for FPS Games

When you are looking to improve your performance in First-Person Shooting games, one of the first things that you should have is a good gaming keyboard. There are tons of gaming keyboards that you will find in the market today, but not all of them perform well as advertised. What exactly is a gaming keyboard, and how is it different from a regular one?

A gaming keyboard is designed differently compared to a regular keyboard. There are specific features that can be helpful to any gamer. Many of these features are mostly focused on improving the performance of the user. But what if you are on a budget? In this article, we will show you four budget-friendly and best gaming keyboards for FPS games. 

Redragon K552 Kumara

If you are looking for a great gaming keyboard that is fit for your budget, the Redragon K552 Kumara should be on the top of your list. It is one of the best gaming keyboards that many people go with. It has features that could improve your gaming performance, and it has excellent durability for its price. 

For its features, it has 87 conflict-free keys that come with anti-ghosting. It has mechanical keys, great tactile feedback, LED backlighting, and double-injection molded keys. Listening to music while gaming is also possible and easier with this keyboard. It has 12 dedicated keys for multimedia purposes. It will allow you to play songs, skip them, pause, and many more. 

Razer BlackWidow X Tournament Edition

The BlackWidow X tournament edition from Razer is also one of the best gaming keyboards that you can buy without harming your budget. It’s a mechanical keyboard without a number pad, which gives it an overall sleek design. The BlackWidow X is said to have extreme durability with its mechanical switches rated up to 80 million keystrokes. 

For its features, it has backlit keys with 16.8 million color options to choose from. The keys are fully programmable that comes with on-the-fly macro recording, and ten key roll-over anti-ghosting. For easy portability, it has a detachable braided fiber USB cable with a premium carry case if you want to bring the keyboard anywhere you go. 

Corsair K55

Third on the list is the Corsair K55. Talking about comfortability, this is one of the most relaxing keyboards that you will find in the market today. It has a comfortable wrist pad that you can attach or detach. Added to that, it has an overall textured face design for a better grip. It has IP42 protection, which means that it’s dust and spill-resistant. 

For its features, it has six programmable macro keys that can give you an in-game advantage. It also has dedicated media and volume controls for your music without interrupting your game. The backlight can be controlled by the iCUE software, which also enables dynamic RGB lighting control. 

HyperX Alloy FPS

If you want to extend your budget for a good gaming keyboard, you might as well go for the HyperX Alloy. It is one of the slimmest gaming keyboards that you will find in the market today. For portability, you can detach the cable if you want to bring the keyboard with you. It also has RGB lighting that comes with dynamic effects.


A good gaming keyboard doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money. The gaming keyboards that were mentioned above are great gaming keyboards that will not compromise your budget. If you want to improve your gaming performance, you will never go wrong with a gaming keyboard.

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