Best Hand Sanitizer To Bring To School?

Best Hand Sanitizer To Bring To School?

When your child goes back to school, it is common for you to automatically start planning for new school supplies like writing materials, erasers, crayons, and markers. But in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, hand sanitizer should be at the top of the list.

While knowing that your child is sanitizing their hands at school will give you peace of mind, it is important for hand cleaning practices to go beyond a pandemic. This is because grouping children together provides an ideal opportunity for the spread of infectious diseases.

So, as you do not want your child battling the coronavirus because of unsanitary practices, you also do not want them battling flu, dry coughs, and other communicable diseases. When soap and water are not readily available, sanitizers become a great alternative.

But the million-dollar question is- which is the best hand sanitizer to bring to school?

  • A sanitizer that complements your child’s skin

Every child is different. Thus, a sanitizer that a majority of children use may not necessarily be the best pick for your child. To ensure that they carry the best hand sanitizer to school, it is important to understand their skin type so as to choose based on their age as well as skin sensitivity.

  • A sanitizer that is alcohol-free

While alcohol-based sanitizers are said to be the best out of the bunch, they may be drying and irritating to your child’s sensitive skin, especially if they have skin conditions like eczema. Instead, go for sanitizers that are made using essential oils and are enriched with vitamins A and E as these are skin-protecting ingredients.

  • A sanitizer that is easy to handle
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It is also important to remember that children prefer convenience over anything else. Forget about complicated sanitizers that come in the form of sprays or those with advanced packaging. Keep it simple- a small, portable, easy to use bottle will do.

  • A sanitizer that is fragrance-free

The last thing that you want is for your child to be lured by their sweet-smelling sanitizer, so much so that they decide to ingest it, thinking it smells just like their favorite fruity drink. To avoid such incidences, it is best to opt for fragrance-free sanitizers. This keeps temptation at bay as your child will only associate their sanitizer with keeping clean.

  • A sanitizer that your child has used before

Hand Sanitizer

In school, your child is required to sanitize without your supervision. Now, if they have never used your sanitizer of choice before, they may not know how to use it best. This is why it is best to send your child to school with a sanitizer that they have used numerous times before and are familiar with.

If possible, sanitize with the same brand of sanitizer at home and show your child exactly how it is done until they understand the concept. This way, they will sanitize confidently in school too.

  • A sanitizer that dries quickly

If your child has to rub their hands together for a long time before the sanitizer dries off then they may get easily frustrated. This is why a sanitizer that dries off quickly is more preferable for your child in school. As children occupied by many school activities, they will appreciate fast and efficient cleaning practices.


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As parents, it is important to remember that hand sanitizers should only be entrusted to children who are old enough and are capable of handling them. When mishandled at school, these sanitizers can be hazardous.

To ensure that the sanitizing practice is effective, ask teachers to “join in the fun” by emphasizing the importance of hand sanitizing and teaching on how these sanitizers should be used.

Helping your child to understand the difference between the invisible germs lurking around them and the dirt that is visible to them will only strengthen cleaning practices.

During this time, it is important to explain to them how coming in contact with different surfaces like door handles, communal supplies or desktops without sanitizing can have a negative impact on their health.

If your child may forget to sanitize their hands, you may use creative ways like leaving a note that reminds them to sanitize in their lunch box or in the middle of their notebook. These are great ways to emphasize hygiene.

By choosing the best hand sanitizer to bring to school and staying vigilant on the fight against germs, you will help prevent the passing of viruses and also reduce the chance of illnesses inside your home too.

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