Best Photo Editing App for Android: Trends of 2020

Best Photo Editing App for Android: Trends of 2020

Do you have the best photo editing app for android for all the mobile photography? Now that there are so many options, it isn’t easy to choose the best one. Therefore, we are here to help you conclude with a list of only the best one’s Android photo editing apps.

When you compare the present mobile technology scenario, it will be evident that we have all come a long way. Initially, smartphones did not come with such fancy and advanced features. The camera quality of those android phones was so fundamental that no one made an extra effort to edit the pictures.

Gradually, the camera quality in smartphones got better, and all thanks to the development of technology. Now, most of us prefer phones that come with sharper cameras, and photo editing is common. Therefore, we also need the best photo editing app for android, which may also run on your laptop or computer.

Nowadays, smartphones come with better touch-screen interfaces, larger screens, and smooth gesture-directed actions. Plus, the processors are faster than ever. Therefore, the phones have extra editing features, and you get access to photo editing software. Also, with more capable and powerful smartphones, you have more scope to express creativity. On the other hand, app developers can also create more incredible apps for better results than ever.

Best photo editing app for android 2020

This section will try to help you find out the best photo editing app for android. You will also find three sub-sections here that will specify the primary purpose of every photo editor app download for android.

  • All-purposebest photo editing app for android

As the name suggests, these apps are the all-rounders in the group. They are capable of doing all the essential editing work. Besides, some of these have unique features too.

  • Repairing apps

Sometimes, there are problems in pictures that you cannot edit with the all-rounder apps. These repairing apps are for those situations.

  • Apps for special effects

These are the most advanced ones from the lot. They are better than the all-rounders with more variety of features. Therefore, they can perform the necessary editing and bring out more creative and artistic results from your photos.

So, let’s start with the first category of all-rounders.


Many people will suggest this name when you are looking for the best photo editing app for android. Snapseed is a very stylish photo editing software that comes with a prompt user interface. Moreover, you get excellent gesture control when you use this app. Presently, Google owns Snapseed, and it is undoubtedly one of the most favorite apps worldwide.

One of the most critical factors that make Snapseed such a favorite is the fact that it is compatible with both android and iOS devices. Plus, there is another killer feature Snapseed comes with. It is that the adjustment arrangement is fantastic, and you can adjust and revisit those later. Altogether, the organization of features and the user interface is excellent.


  • Option for automatic adjustments. Plus, there are several good options for manual adjustments.
  • The ‘stacks’ for editing purpose are non-destructive
  • Excellent quality of filters and effects including vignette, B&W, and HDR
  • Sharing pictures on social media platforms from this app is very easy.
  • Option to save the filter combinations that you create
  • Available in both android and iOS options
  • Text and frames available
  • Selective adjustments

Best for:

Everyone who likes mobile photography can use Snapseed, but of course, expert photographers will be able to appreciate the excellent interface even more.

Best Photo Editing App for Android
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Adobe Photoshop Express

Are you looking for the best photo editing app for android and PC? Well, here we are with the best of all times- the Adobe Photoshop Express. This is a streamlined and scaled-down version of the standard desktop version. The fact that the desktop version of Adobe Photoshop is the best professional editing app makes us trust the Android version. Besides, the app does not fail to live up to the expectation with the killer features.

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Undoubtedly, the “Photoshop Express” shares its genes with the brother version. Not only does this software correct all the general editing issues, but there is also a range of image adjustments for manual control. If you are an obsessive Photoshop user like most of us, then the adjustment features will surely attract you.


  • The touch-up options are very intuitive and fast such as the pet-eye and red-eye removal features. Plus, there are crop and straighten options too. Last but not least, you can manage the hue, white balance, brightness, and more.
  • Available in versions for Android, iOS, and Windows.
  • Options for borders, collages, and frames are available.
  • The app is free, but you can purchase extra filters/features/effect packs too.

Best for:

Anyone who has used the desktop or Windows version of this photo editing software is bound to love this one. Besides, if you search for a more professional upgrade, then Adobe Photoshop Express is a good idea.


This editing app offers incredibly stylish filters, textures, and frames, along with the other basic editing options. Moreover, Afterlight is quite a popular one among all the names on this list. Plus, the range of stylish and tasteful filters, textures, and frames are pretty vast.

The user interface is undoubtedly excellent, and the outcome is very polished and professional. Altogether, we rate this as one of the best photo editing tools for the most desirable outcomes.


  • 74 excellent filters, 128 frames, 78 candid textures, and 15 tools for image adjustment are present
  • Transformation and cropping tools available

Best for:

If you are a casual photographer who wants mature results with minimum effort and time, this is the best for you.

Best Photo Editing App for Android for 2020
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Photo Toaster

This one is yet another perfect all-rounder photo editing app with a vast range of features, effects, and filters. One of the rarest options that Photo Toaster offers users is the “editing brush” option.

You can use this one whenever you are trying to edit only a part of the photograph. Moreover, the brush effect makes the whole process very easy. No wonder why the “editing brush” option has become a clear favorite of so many users.


  • Numerous single-click effects, texture overlays, filters, and borders
  • Presence of EXIF support
  • Adjustment options for brush-on exposure
  • There is a separate color modification option
  • You can undo alterations an infinite number of times

Best for:

The Photo Toaster app is ideal for anybody- expert as well as a beginner!

Let’s look at a few repairing apps now!

Touch Retouch

This can be the best photo editing app for android if you are searching for some tool to omit unwanted marks from your pictures. For example, the Touch Retouch app can remove blemishes and unnecessary objects from a photo quickly. Therefore, this is an exciting app that mainly focuses on repair or photo fixing using an array of different tools.

The user interface of the Touch Retouch app is unobtrusive and very intuitive too. Although some of the most complex edits can look difficult, practice makes a man perfect always! Plus, learning something so interesting is never a waste of time.


  • Option to use a brush or lasso tool on selected areas
  • Available in all versions- iOS, Windows, and android
  • Auto-replaces an unnecessary object or area when you select one
  • You can duplicate/clone objects present in a photo
  • Excellent features that can remove wires, dust spots, and more from the photos
  • Portrait-enhancing options can remove wrinkles and skin blemishes
  • Creating better compositions after removing unwanted objects and people from photos

Best for:

If you want to remove/repair anything present in a photo that you could not avoid while clicking it, then this is the best app for you.


Sometimes, even professional photographers end up with lens distortion or incorrect perspective problems. The SKRWT app is an excellent one when you want to resolve such issues. Moreover, the SKRWT app is a favorite for so many smartphone users because most of the other apps cannot identify the causes of picture distortion.

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The inbuilt wide-angle lens of a smartphone camera is the real cause of the problem. Although it is not a very big problem in most cases, it becomes one if we consider architectural photography. It is because when you are clicking pictures of buildings and similar establishments.

Since the main focus is to preserve the sharp edges, distortion is not a cool thing. Therefore, the SKRWT app comes to the rescue in such situations because it can straighten the converging lines. Undoubtedly, a few other apps are also able to fix the issue, but this is the best!


  • Corrects vertical and horizontal perspective distortion
  • Available in both android and iOS versions
  • You can crop, straighten, and rotate your photos
  • It can alter distortions due to third-party or inbuilt lenses

Best for:

The SKRWT app is the most ideal if you are into architectural photography, as it is clear from the review.

Now it is time to look into the ones that you can use for the special effects.


When you search for the best photo editing app for android 2020, the Afterfocus app has to be there. Suppose you want to create those excellent depth-of-field effects as it happens with a DSLR. This app can be handy. The Afterfocus app’s user interface is straightforward, and creating the DSLR effect is not a big deal at all.

Why do professional photographers like such an effect? The main reason is that you can focus on the main subject and not on a background that may not be very interesting or attractive. Moreover, the app offers an option that lets you select what you want to highlight and blur. The Afterfocus app gives you very useful and desirable results. However, you must be aware that the result depends on the clarity or complexity of a picture.

For example, when you are trying to edit a very messy image, it will take you more time to separate the sections you want to blur and the ones you want to highlight. On the other hand, if you are working on a cleaner image where there are distinctively larger areas with similar tones, the work will be more effortless.


  • Applies a blur effect on a particular section
  • It can create a fantastic motion-blur effect
  • There is a wide range of aperture style options
  • The blur strength is adjustable

Best for:

If you want a typical DSLR effect on your photos, then the SKRWT app is ideal for you.

Distressed FX

The D-FX app is an excellent one if you want to create some good photographic art. The Distressed FX app is the most suitable when you love landscape or other still photography. Moreover, it is an excellent addition to your photo editing toolbox because of the availability of so many different overlays and textures.

All thanks to a designer called Cheryl Tarrant, who gets all the credit for such a unique collection of design options on the app. Plus, there are so many other features to control the brightness, saturation, and contrast of the photos. Besides, you can also dial the texture or overlay intensity. Of course, everyone won’t get the desired results, but the outcome is undoubtedly not faulty.


  • Available for iOS and android
  • Over 19 textures and 23 overlays are inbuilt
  • You can combine the textures and overlays

Best for:

The Distressed FX app is the best for expert photographers who are looking for a more painterly effect. You may also want to check out the tutorial before using the app.

Here is a YouTube tutorial to help you use this app:

Final thoughts

Now it is possible to stun all your friends by posting some of the best pictures on your Facebook and Instagram accounts. The secret is undoubtedly one of the photo editing apps that are mentioned above.

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