Best Services for College Students

Best Services for College Students

Before the beginning of the next school or college term, there are a few additional supplies for students that are quite useful. Other than tablets, desktops, and laptops, among other essential items, parents can also equip their students with some truly helpful online services. These services will assist students to have a bit of an extra edge in their coursework. It ensures that the students don’t have to ask to do my homework for me during their course. Nowadays, there are plenty of services that make the learning process a whole lot easier and often fun. Such services include:

Evernote Premium ($5/Month or $45/Year)

Evernote has gained much good standing as one of the best tools to take notes with. It helps students keep things organized while studying. The free version of the service comes with quite a number of useful features that ease the process of keeping notes in sync across multiple devices. But the service offers some additional premium features that for sure justify the extra investment. This includes taking offline notes, as internet access is not always allowed in schools. Further, students can take pictures of pages with smartphones and turn them into text files and PDFs. Lastly, the premium version comes with a larger upload size and plenty of extra space.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Blackberry, Windows Phone

Recommended Add-on: Voice2Note (Additional $3/Month or $30/Year)

This Evernote add-on service proves to be invaluable for the students who take quick audio notes or keep audio records of interviews and lectures. This service is able to scan the Evernote library audio and make a transcription of the first thirty seconds of the record to make it more searchable. It also adds the transcribed text to the note recording along with tags.

Sugarsync (Starts From $7.49/Month or $75/Year and Up)

Students are vulnerable in terms of the menace of data failure. In this context, a cloud backup proves to be of great use. It is really helpful to have all the study files stored in a cloud server for just-in-case situations. This reduces the chances of students to lose the carefully accumulated notes, transcripts, and research information. SugarSync is particularly recommended for its free storage and low storage space cost. Further, you don’t need to put all the documents in a central folder like in the case of Dropbox.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, BlackBerry, Windows Phone

Wolfram Alpha Pro (Special $3/Month Cost for Students)

This is what the service terms a computational knowledge search engine. It proves to be extremely valuable for students no matter whether they are studying Finance or Math or even Business. The service has a free version that would suffice for most school and college students. However, students from higher grades whose data requests are more complicated would have their needs processed better with the pro version of the service. With this service, students will be able to upload images in the form of plain text and export the data they have acquired in a wide variety of formats. The service will be helpful in terms of the question “Can it do an essay for me?”

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Platforms: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS through browsers

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