Best Tool To Use For Format Conversion In 2020

Best Tool To Use For Format Conversion In 2020

Given that file conversions have become the norm in everyday work, it’s essential to utilize only one tool that fits all needs. By saying this, there is one of the best tools for format conversion that everybody should be using more often than most, and that is PDF Bear.

PFD Bear is highly recommended because not only does it cater to all file formats, but they also have a free version that is irresistible. While limiting the number of conversions you can do, it still caters to all formats. Simply put, it’s just a taste for what’s to come if you’re willing to invest in the tool.

PDF Bear is Complete

Complete in a sense that everything you need in regards to file conversions is there. Suppose you are looking for a Word to PDF converter, no problem! They cater to all of that with three simple steps.

PDF Bear grants you the ability to quickly shift your work to more critical matters by giving you the ease of mind that your files are being converted in seconds and not to mention it is safe.

If you ever thought of a tool that you would want to recommend to your peers or even anyone who has a job that requires massive conversion of files. Recommend PDF Bear granted that even on the free version, they are already able to convert any files. Don’t forget that they should thank you once they get the hang of it.

Safe Against What?

Using other tools may not be safe for your very sensitive files and may be subject to competitors gaining the information they shouldn’t have. Corporate espionage is a real thing, and this is something you always have to think of when using external tools with minimal or no protection at all when converting files. 

This is where PDF Bear has invested a large chunk of their funds to security for their servers to give their customers peace of mind regarding file conversions of the utmost privacy. One of the reasons why people choose PDF Bear and are one of the fastest-growing tools for format conversion that is being used in the market as of now. 

Use of Advanced Systems

PDF Bear uses advanced systems to help the conversion process in a sense that nothing is omitted or replaced by wrong words or tags. This makes it very easy to use, and there will be no changes from the original content towards the converted format. Truly a remarkable achievement for something free, safe, and simple to use. 

Not only that, but the advanced system also ensures that the file will be at the highest quality, and no adjustments will be made to put it in worse shape. The system’s simplicity will be able to convert the file you need in just four simple clicks, and after that, voila! You’re done! 

There may be other tools out there that make use or have the same features as PDF Bear but make no mistake that they are just imitations, and they don’t have what PDF Bear has, the more you use it. The more you’ll find out. 


PDF Bear is relatively new to the market but makes no mistake; they are at the top of their game when it comes to what they do. They do an excellent job of giving what you need and quickly responding to all concerns if there are any problems when it comes to document conversions. That’s just who they are; they love all people who use their tools for format conversion and give out the best they can deliver given the size of the competition. Indeed, a gem to work with. 

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