Blu Ray Discs: All That You Need to Know

Blu Ray Discs: All That You Need to Know

One of the best high-quality disc formats in the market right now are Blu-ray discs. Since it made its debut in 2006, the discs became a first-rate format that can store videos in its highest quality possible. Later on, the innovation proved to be a major hit in the market as it rivals or even surpasses the DVD format as the best platform for an enhanced experience.

Blu-ray focuses its technology in allowing users to experience all of the details that are never before seen in its highest quality possible in terms of audio and video resolution. The best aspect of the innovation is that it uses a purely optimized video process while still being the same size as a standard DVD disc.

How Does it Work?

As a successor of a media storage group and LaserDisc, blu ray disc uses unique laser technology to read the disc’s contents. The laser is pointed directly at the rotating disc, the contents of the disc show as it bounces off towards a photoelectric cell whenever the laser comes in.

The overall capacity of the disc relies on the number of pits present on the disc itself. Innovators of the technology made it essential to reduce the portions of the pits for the disc to be able to accommodate data in large quantities. The laser’s wavelengths are also needed to determine the disc’s quality performance.

The Purpose of Blu-Ray Discs

A few aspects need to be considered if a consumer is planning on buying a Blu-ray disc. One of the most important aspects of buying a Blu-ray disc is to have an optimal Blu-ray disc player. The player must meet the disc’s needed requirements to display and let you experience all of its extra features.

Another important factor to consider when investing in Blu-ray discs is the cost of it. The average cost of a disc is much higher than your average DVD. For the average consumer, a Blu-ray disc is around 20 dollars, while it would only cost around 5 dollars less for a DVD. If you think about it, the difference is not that massive for the quality you’re getting.

The Benefits of Purchasing Blu-Ray Discs

The most significant benefit to have when purchasing Blu-ray discs is the capacity that it has. This particular innovation gains a significant advantage among the rest of the disc formats such as CDs and DVDs. A standard DVD disc can store data for up to 5 gigabytes worth of data. In contrast, the Blu-ray disc can store around 8.5 gigabytes worth of data.

Blu-ray discs have a higher capacity than the regular disc formats due to its technology of being able to accommodate numerous hours of special features. Of course, along with the complete version of the movie.


In conclusion, if consumers desire to have a feature in the near future, always keep in mind that you need to make sure your Blur Ray player has it. You could have saved a lot of money if you regrettably figure out that you need to replace it sooner or later. Technology moves quickly than anything else, do your own research to finalize your decision for your purchase.

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