Breeds of Cats That Are the Most Cheerful and Friendliest in Nature

Breeds of Cats That Are the Most Cheerful and Friendliest in Nature

How about having living furry doll-like creatures climb up your laps and cuddle with you? These furry creatures will never leave your side; they will come around and start barging into your personal spaces as well. There are different breeds of cats, and some of them are extremely friendly. Well, we are sure that all the cat-lovers will simply nod their heads in agreement with this statement, isn’t it? There is probably no other happiness in the world that a cat-lover enjoys than cuddling with their cute cats.

Having cats can be one of the best things; they are unlike dogs as they take care of themselves. Cats are humans’ good friends too, and they can keep depression away from people. Their cuddles and purr can make everyone feel good within moments and bring a smile on dry faces as well.

After knowing these things, all the cat-lovers need to understand some of the best breeds of cats that can be friendly and loving. Writing about the common cat breeds in this article is to make all the cat-lovers add one friendlier cat to their family. We also intend to throw some light on the friendly breeds of cats as well.

Friendliest breeds of cats from around the world

Here is the list of all the cute furballs that you can bring home.

Maine Coon

This family of cats is best suitable for families that have old people and children. Known for their cuteness and gentleness, these cats are lovable and polite creatures. Getting them your families can be the best decision that one can ever make. These common cat breeds are rounder, have good fur that you can fondle with, and these are the best cat breeds one can consider having.

These cats live for nine to fifteen years with proper maintenance. Also, these cats look extremely cute and can allure anyone into a playful mood quickly. Hence, keeping people away from depression is quite possible with these cats. People call these cats, ‘doglike’ as they develop a bond with the family-like dogs do.

Abyssinian breeds of cats

Playful and cute breeds of cats, Abyssinian is the best one for families to own. They are smart and highly energetic. They rub their enthusiastic vibes wherever they are, and they are quite smart and intelligent as well. Training them can be an exciting task for the owners. They aren’t fussy, they love sharing their space, and they are highly affectionate towards their little ones and other pets too.

Exotic Shorthair

Having these cats does not even require you to perform brushing regularly. Their shorter manes can reduce your task of grooming them regularly as well. With a lovely mane and thick fur, these cats are highly adaptable to families. They are attention cravers and can easily attract anyone with their little round faces combined with wide, round eyes.


They love to be in and around children, and one can train them easily for some serious entertainment. These cats are black. While a lot of people find it a little inauspicious to have black cats around them, these cats are the most lovable ones to have a part of your families. Their shiny, thick black coat is going to make you go gaga over them. So, this is one of the best breeds of cats to consider if you are keen on having a friendly cat for yourselves.


Most people refrain from having pets because of their hair. But a Sphynx cat is one such breed of completely hairless cats. Grooming these cats is extremely easy and simple. These cats are pretty distinct from the other common cat breeds. They enjoy being around people as they are highly-friendly, and they love to receive love. They love to get their peach fuzz being stroked all the time and enjoy curling on their owners.


Give love and get love in abundance with these cute little moggies around you. They are just made for cuddling, and these funny kitties will just make you fall in love with them within moments. They can be a great source of entertainment and are perfect for families. Moggy is a phrase given by the British for Mutts breed of cats.

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Scottish Fold

How about having a lovely ear-folded kitty looking at you all the time with their innocent face? Yes, the Scottish Fold cats are the best breeds of cats. They are very smart, intelligent, and owners can train them to solve puzzles as well. They always enjoy human interaction and love to surround themselves with children.


A pure blend of Burmese and Siamese kitties, the Tonkinese is a perfect companion for humans to consider. They are not just lovable but very smart and are always around their human friends. They just can’t stand loneliness, and they always come in search of you to get some warmth. Prepare yourselves completely to give as much love as you can even before you plan to get these best cat breeds to your homes.


If you have a desire to spend long hours chatting about your love life to someone, then having a Siamese cat is a perfect choice. These cute little ones can reciprocate the emotions quickly, and this quality will make you fall for them instantly. They know what they want from you and are extremely capable of getting it from you as well. A Siamese cat will love you to the moon and back and expect the same from their owners. They can turn out to be your best and crazy friends.

Kurilian Bobtail

A desire to have a unique cat will certainly be every cat owner’s desire. Having cats from common cat breeds may certainly not make the cat lovers happy. For such people, the best cat to own is the Kurilian Bobtail. Their cute tails and their innocent faces will make ways to your hearts melt within moments. If you have rodents in your homes, these cats will immediately make you tension free. They are natural hunters, and they possess slender and athletic bodies that make them quite sharp as well. The Kurilian Bobtails enjoy staying both indoors and outdoors, and they love to play with their owners.


How about getting some cushiony feel on your laps and hands? Get the Burmese cats and feel the warmth of softness in your palms right away! These are the happiest cats that everyone must think of having at least once in their lifetime.

They are neither too shy nor too loud like the Siamese breed. But, they are very cheerful and like to have other animals in the homes around them. They are at their best when their owners take them out and play with them. Their playfulness does not disappear even when they become adults, and this can be a bonus to all the cat lovers who love to cuddle with their furballs all the time.

Russian Blue

Bring this kitty home and make them feel cozy to see their actual side. They are pretty shy initially, and once they find their comfort zone, the Russian Blue breed of cats becomes unstoppable. Russian Blue cats are extremely adorable and love to establish a strong bond with very few people. They are extremely choosy about the people who they love to associate with. Well, they will never stop surprising you with their love bundles once they like you.

Have them around to see the most loving side of a cat.


This gregarious and happy-go-lucky-kind kitty is the best breed of cats to have at homes. These energetic fur balls can steal the limelight easily and become a center of attraction. They can indulge in hours of the game of fetch and make you drool in the world of happiness. Their cute face, coupled with the round eyes, will make you fall in love with them instantly.


People with a little more regard towards dogs will easily forget the difference between the two when they see these Ragdolls. Their playful and friendly nature towards humans is the traits that make everyone love them crazily. They will go the extra mile to grab attention from their owners and make them happy.

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They love to go on long walks exactly like dogs; hence, a lot of them call them ‘Puppy cats.’ They get along very well with dogs, and having both of them together under the same roof will make your homes happier.


If you are fond of having an Instagram model furry friend around you then, bring Somali breed of cats to your homes. They are no lesser than any super-model when it comes to posing. Somalis love their owner’s companionship and spend most of the time curling on them. They can be great friends and keep you away from stress and anxiety-related disorders with their caring nature.


The Ragamuffins are real muffins in the form of fur. The love from these critters will make the owners crave for more. They will enjoy all the affection and pampering that they receive and curl themselves away to glory on your laps. You can have a good time teaching them different tricks and games. They will learn them all by heart and parade it in front of you just to keep you happy. We are sure that you will start loving them like your babies, and that’s all they want from you!


Most of the cat lovers feel that these breed of cats are very quiet, and that’s the biggest blunders. These cats can communicate with their owners, unlike the other cats, and they demand everything that they want. This attitude of theirs will make you just fall for them instantly. They love playing outdoors and can pick all the lessons that you teach them with ease and happiness. They won’t allow you to relax even for a while unless you give them an amazing cuddle.

Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese call these a ‘bundle of luck.’ The Japanese bobtails are highly intelligent and smart cats. They love to spend every second while they are awake by being cheerful and lively. A Japanese Bobtail will spread happiness in the homes and can easily interact with their owners at ease. They always want to be in the middle of the family gatherings and love to enjoy the conversations humans have.


Having Munchkins at home will make you the happiest cat owners in and around your surroundings. Your neighbors will start becoming friends with you just to spend time with these cute feline creatures. As long as they are receiving love and cuddles, these munchkins just do not worry if they are the owners or strangers. They love spending time on the laps of people cuddling and getting pampered.

breeds of cats

American Curls

How about having a Diva at your home? Yes, you read it right! The American curls are no lesser than a celebrity. Their looks and their stylish mane can make people go gaga over them instantly. This breed silver cat breed loves attention from everyone, especially from their owners. They love to be a part of the family all the time and enjoy spending time indoors in the laps of their owners.


If you enjoy getting a little attention from your relatives and friends, you must certainly become the owner of Bengal cats. These cats look exactly like their counterparts and are highly alert. They love to be around people and are very affectionate by nature. You will not realize the essence of a time when you are in front of them. Do not end up in confusion when you see them for the first time and mistake them for Bengal Tigers.

They want attention, and they want it all the time.

Final thoughts

For the ones who are still pondering over on the types of cats, we are sure that this article will help you to identify the friendliest breeds of cats and adopt one immediately. Your family will look complete with these cute little feline creatures running all over the place with their musical meows.

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