Due to the evolution of business and technology, most businesses are presently becoming customer-centric. Customers don’t just want quality products and services, they also want to enjoy an impressive experience while conducting business and are willing to pay more for this option. Most businesses that offer unique customer experiences rake in profits 4% to 8% higher than their competitors. Besides, customers are one of the strong pillars of a business; without them, the business is non-existent. Hence, business owners must treat customers right and give them nothing but the best. Interestingly, technology and the internet have simplified the process, making it easier for entrepreneurs and business people to connect more with customers.

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What Is Customer Experience?

When you think of customer experience, customer service comes to mind. This reason is based on the fact that a customer can not have customer experience without service. For a consumer to enjoy the satisfaction from a business, services must be provided. Customer experience is defined as the feeling or perception a customer derives from a business service provided. How well do you take care of your customers? How often do they feel comfortable while conducting business with you? How unique and convenient are your services? These questions and many more determine if your customers would remain loyal to your business.

Why Is Customer Experience Vital To Business Growth?

The value of customer experience a business provides determines the size of its customer base. Customers are drawn to businesses that provide customers with top-quality experiences. Over time, more customers become part of the business, thereby generating business growth. With the advancement in technology, it becomes easier for customers to choose whatever firm or corporation they intend to conduct business with, anywhere across the globe. Hence, if they are not satisfied with the services a company provides, they take their business elsewhere.

For this reason, businesses of all sizes strive to improve customer experience through various means. Most companies incorporate technology in delivering optimum services to consumers. Giant IT solution providers like Salesforce come up with technological solutions that help small and large-scale corporations achieve their business goals, in regards to customer service support. Also, the internet makes it easier for customers to share their experiences with businesses online. Reviews have the tendency to reach a wide audience, either positive or negative. Therefore, it is important that business owners step up their game in providing top-notch customer service.

How Technology Enhances Customer Experience

Technology has reformed all business areas as customers now have the ability to reach several businesses in various locations, on multiple devices. This change has also brought about speed, consistency, and efficiency. Hence, the use of technology in customer support is inevitable. The following provides the various applications of technology in our present-day world.


It is commonplace to find customers in need of answers to enquiries or complaints. Most of them find it convenient to send an email, as it may take a while to get connected with a support operator. Having a customer support software integrated with your CRM can convert those emails into tickets, which will provide you with the information needed to provide the best customer service support.


Another way to improve customer experience is through the use of websites. With customer-centric automated tools like CRM, data analytics, and live-chats, you can give your consumers the best service tailored to address their needs.

Social Media:

One powerful area some business owners undermine is social media. This unique platform has transcended networking, and it is now used as a fundamental customer service system. It is believed that 92% of online users believe their peers’ ideas and opinions about certain products and services. Consequently, business owners must be proactive to provide customers with optimum customer service.

Having stated these factors, the roles of AI and other technological solutions are invaluable to customer satisfaction and business growth.

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