Why Your Business Transformation Needs To Happen In 3D

Why Your Business Transformation Needs To Happen In 3D

Do you know how your customers are interacting on your website or within it? You might know that they visited, you might know how long they spent in certain sections, and you might know whether or not they made a purchase. There are analytics available today that will tell you this much. However, when it comes to tracking an individual’s journey across multiple channels, devices, purchases, and interactions, things can get a bit more complicated. Unfortunately, this is the very aspect that usually leads to disjointed and inconsistent customer experiences. Luckily, this something you can alter during the transformation of your company. Whether it be move, post COVID actions, or a whole new facelift, you should consider the following when transforming your company.

What Exactly Is A 360-Degree View?

A 360-degree view of your customers is pretty much what you are probably thinking that it is. It is a collection of all your customer data in one convenient location, usually a CRM system. This would include everything from their basic contact information to all their past and present data, including interactions with customer service, as well as their current and past social media behavior. Think of a 360-degree view as a relationship cycle that consists of many points where a customer interacts with a brand. Whether it be through customer service, marketing communications, social media, or e-commerce, you’ll always know when, where, and how your consumers are interacting with your interface.

Enhanced Customer Relationships

How are you currently dealing with your customers? What information are you using to engage possible interactions? Oftentimes today many businesses find themselves relying on their latest conversations with their customers to direct how they move forward with them. While this might seem like a sound strategy and might have even worked in the past, it does not paint a complete picture or outline of their relationship with you. It is just so easy to go down the wrong path or miss out on a potential sale.

When you have all the touchpoints or interactions that a customer has had with your business in one convenient place it provides you with a more holistic view of that customer Simply put, you’ll be able to provide specific customers with more relevant and personalized experiences. An experience that will be tailor-made for them and their needs.

Better Inner Office Collaboration

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Another thing that a 360 viewer can do is provide your teams with better collaboration opportunities. When your employees can share the same customer view through a CRM, they’ll be able to easily and quickly pass along pertinent information. A basic example would be if a customer is having a technical issue with an older product. The customer service or technical support department could easily see who the account manager is and notify them of the sales opportunity here. Maybe you have a sales rep that is headed to a big pitching meeting with a specific customer.

If that customer has had several recent dealings and interactions with the customer service department, the rep will see this and be able to reach out to either department so they can be better prepared for the meeting.

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