Can a varicocele patient become a father?

Can a varicocele patient become a father?

The enlarged and lumpy formation of the veins of the scrotum is called varicocele. Varicoceles can even occur on either side of the testes. The condition is quite painful and the swelling causes a lot of discomfort and embarrassment. Read on to find if a varicocele patient can be a father or not.

At an early stage, a varicocele may cause the following symptoms that must be an alarming sign for you:

  • Dull ache accompanied with heaviness in the scrotum
  • Heightening of pain during the day time when a person is physically active
  • Enlarged, bulging veins visible on the scrotum
  • Tenderness and soreness

These symptoms do have a chance of creating other problems related to reproductive health. Hence, these symptoms of varicocele must not be ignored at any cost. The person should immediately get in contact with a specialist. Otherwise, if you keep pondering over the stigma around such problems, it is of course not going to help you. You should know that varicoceles are quite common and can occur to any male belonging to any age group (mostly young men).

If a  varicocele keeps growing gradually, it pushes aside the testes in the scrotal sac. Hence, it can give rise to fertility problems that can affect the chances of becoming a father for a young man. Let’s further gain detailed insight on this.

How are varicoceles and fertility problems related?

Although the exact reason is still unknown, numerous studies reflect that the presence of varicocele and fertility problems in a man are closely interlinked. In around 40 percent of the cases of male infertility, varicocele is found to be an underlying issue.

This ratio is even higher for men facing secondary infertility. Secondary infertility is a condition in which a man has fathered a child before, but now faces fertility problems. According to experts, in about 80 percent of the cases of secondary infertility, varicocele is the main cause.

How does varicocele cause fertility problems?

In most cases of male infertility, the main cause is abnormalities in the sperm profile. This is true for varicocele-induced infertility as well.

Although not completely established, experts believe that the large volume of blood pooled up around the testicles can lead to an increase in the testicular temperature. This can interfere with the spermatogenesis (process of formation of sperms) and depreciate the sperm quality, sperm count and motility. Moreover, it has been seen that varicocele patient have a significantly larger number of tapered-headed sperms. These sperms have lower chances of fertilizing the egg and thus the fertility problems arise. 

Additionally, to compensate for the increased pressure of blood through the veins, the flow of blood through the arteries decreases and this can lead to sexual problems. Also, varicoceles can impact the sperm DNA integrity and the testosterone levels, furthermore affecting the capability of the sperm and the male libido.

Trying to become a father with varicocele- Is it possible?

If you are a varicocele patient and are thinking if you can become a father with the condition, the answer is, yes. It is true that varicocele affects the fertility of 40 percent men having the condition. But the other 60 percent face no problems related to fertility, and therefore no problems in fathering children.

If varicocele has affected your fertility, it is still possible to father children after undergoing proper treatment for the condition. 

Does fertility improve after varicocele treatment?

In 70-80 percent of the cases of varicocele, the fertility and sperm profile improve significantly after varicocele correction. This is because the testicular temperature and blood flow gets restored to normal and the spermatogenesis becomes optimal. 

Sperms take around 3 months to mature and be able to fertilize the egg or ovum. Therefore, you might have to wait for about 3-4 months after varicocele treatment for the desired results to show.

What is the permanent treatment for varicocele?

The best and only permanent treatment for varicocele is the surgical procedure called varicocelectomy. In this procedure, the surgeon shuts off the damaged veins and allows the blood flow through other healthier scrotal veins, thereby resolving the issue. The affected veins eventually scar away in the absence of blood flow.

Earlier, this process used to be carried out through open surgery and this used to be a complex and painful procedure. But nowadays, the advanced laparoscopic varicocelectomy is available. The laparoscopic surgery is least invasive, absolutely safe and inflicts no pain at all.

About laparoscopic varicocelectomy

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This modern procedure to cure varicocele is actually the most reliable option to get complete relief from varicocele once and for all. Hence, more and more doctors recommend this to their varicocele patient in today’s day and age.

There is no risk of infections or complications after laparoscopic varicocelectomy. The downtime is very short and the recovery is fast and smooth. Just make sure to follow your doctor’s instructions and you’ll be good to go.

A number of hospitals now provide the modern laparoscopic varicocele surgery in Delhi and various other major cities. One reliable healthcare provider you can consult for the treatment of varicocele and fertility issues is Pristyn Care. They are associated with the best urologists and surgeons in Delhi and use USFDA (agency related to health and services in US) approved techniques to perform the surgery. If you have any queries, you can visit their website.

Final Words

Varicoceles are not a long term cause of worries and fertility issues if you consult a specialist in time. So, if you are currently facing the problem of varicocele and are looking out for solutions, now you are well aware of the best thing to do. Just make sure that you do not rush into the treatment before having detailed discussion with your doctor and resolving all your queries. This way you can receive the treatment without any apprehension. 


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