Can supplements cure nerve pain?

Can supplements cure nerve pain?

Neuropathy is an excruciating nerve condition that affects millions of people around the world. It’s mainly caused by nerve damage that stems from diabetes, HIV, cancer and other diseases. You could also develop nerve pain after experiencing physical injury. People who suffer from neuropathy might exhibit a variety of unique symptoms such as tingling, numbness, loss of reflexes, and a constant pricking sensation on your skin. Read on to find out can supplements cure nerve pain or not.

The risk of developing nerve pain increases as you age. In some cases, neuropathy can cause severe pain and it can even lead to paralysis. However, this condition can be managed effectively by using a variety of herbs and supplements. You can get more detailed information about the best herbs, vitamins, and supplements to cure nerve pain at which is a reliable neuropathy resource center.

How do supplements improve neuropathy symptoms?

Supplements help the body to replenish some key nutrients and restore healthy neural function. One common cause of peripheral neuropathy is vitamin B deficiency. B-Vitamins such as thiamine, niacin and folic acid can be found in common foods such as eggs, poultry, vegetables, seafood and fortified cereals. However, eating a diet rich in B-Vitamins might still not provide the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamins suggested by the Food and Nutrition Board. According to one 2017 study, taking vitamin B supplements can potentially promote nerve repair. 

Scientists have found that B vitamins can help accelerate the process of nerve tissue regeneration, which subsequently boosts nervous system function. Vitamin B-complex has a variety of crucial body functions that simply can’t be ignored. For instance, vitamin B12 (cobalamin) is responsible for producing DNA, forming red blood cells and maintaining healthy nerves. Vitamin B6, on the other hand, helps your nervous and immune systems to work properly. It’s also essential for healthy brain development. Vitamin B1 intake helps prevent beriberi, a terrible disease that attacks the heart and nervous system.

4 vital supplements to cure nerve pain

1. Methylcobalamin

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Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause many unpleasant symptoms such as fatigue, muscle weakness, confusion, dementia, poor memory and numbness in hands and feet. However, supplementing with methylcobalamin can help manage some of these symptoms. This supplement helps prevent the progression of peripheral neurological illnesses among patients who are deficient in vitamin B-12. Recent published studies have established a link between a high methylcobalamin intake and regeneration of myelin sheaths and neurons. This spells great news for people who suffer from nerve pain.

2. Alpha-lipoic acid

Also known as Lipoic and Biletan, alpha-lipoic acid is a well-known antioxidant that is found in a variety of foods like broccoli, organ meat, spinach and potatoes. This supplement effectively treats nerve damage resulting from cancer or diabetes treatment. Alpha-lipoic acid helps to relieve common neuropathy symptoms that include tingling of hands, legs and feet, numbness, acute pain and prickling sensations. Although you constantly consume ALA by eating everyday foods, it’s usually in very minuscule quantities. Science-based evidence shows that alpha-lipoic acid can significantly help to fight type-2 diabetes. It’s a remarkable discovery that can improve the quality of life of neuropathy patients.


3. Acetyl-L-carnitine 

Acetyl-L-carnitine (ALC) is a unique antioxidant that can be produced naturally by the human body. This compound is commonly found in fish, meat, poultry and dairy products. One study conducted back in 2016 found ALC to be an effective supplement when treating cancer-associated fatigue and peripheral sensory neuropathy caused by chemotherapy. Delightfully, acetyl-L-carnitine reduces pain in patients suffering from nerve pain. When you’re taking it as a supplement, ensure you start with the recommended dose of 500 mg ALC twice per day to cure nerve pain. 

4. Benfotiamine

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Vitamin B1, popularly known as thiamine, is a water-soluble vitamin that promotes the healthy flow of electrolytes through your nerve cells and muscles. Thiamine also prevents you from developing complications in the heart, brain, intestines, stomach and nervous system. Lack of sufficient vitamin B1 intake can cause you to contract beriberi, a severe illness characterized by lower leg paralysis, difficulty walking, shortness of breath, swelling of the limbs and a loss of appetite. Benfotiamine is a vitamin B1 supplement that has recorded great success in alleviating peripheral neuropathy. However, it’s important to first consult a physician before taking any thiamine supplement. Patients with vitamin B1 deficiency should also stop taking alcohol and improve their diet regimen.

Apart from the supplements discussed above, there are some natural herbs that can help cure nerve pain. These herbs include feverfew extract, skullcap extract and passion flower extract. It’s important to use these herbs and supplements in their appropriate doses to avoid experiencing adverse side effects.

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