Cannabis flower: A Mystery

Cannabis flower: A Mystery

Cannabis flower is a species of plants coming from the family of Cannabaceae. Within this family, you can recognise several cannabis strains, such as cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, and cannabis ruderalis. They are said to have originated in central or south Asia. Now, they are commonly associated with other commercial names, like hemp and marijuana., which are used for recreational and medicinal use. 

They characterise many healing properties since they reduce your pain, improve the quality of your sleep, help in many heart and immunological problems, or have a positive impact on your mood. Generally, cannabis gives you a sense of relaxation. However, depending on the cannabis variety, its benefits may slightly differ. And not everyone is aware of that, claiming that it’s only one flower. But that’s not the whole truth. Even while browsing many websites with cannabis, like Cannabismo, you may encounter different types of flowers, and then you should know what properties they have. 

Cannabis Sativa

The most popular variety is undoubtedly Cannabis Sativa, which grows in many parts of the United States. To grow, it needs 50 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s why you won’t find it in the hottest and coldest regions.

Regarding its look, it’s quite tall and thin. Its leaves are narrow and have a lighter shade of green than Cannabis Indica. It also requires a little more time to grow. For sure, everyone, even someone who has never used marijuana will recognise this flower since its plant became the logo of one of the most popular sportswear companies- Adidas. 

When it comes to its components, it has two primary substances: THC, which is a psychoactive ingredient, and CBD- a non-addictive compound. Its medical version contains a higher THC content and less CBD. Since Cannabis Sativa influences human’s serotonin receptors, it has a positive impact on the process of learning, sleep quality, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and general mood. But it’s good to know that it increases energy levels and for that reason, it should be consumed only during a day. The name of Cannabis Sativa usually refers to substances stimulating psychoactive effects.

Cannabis Indica


Cannabis Indica was initially cultivated in India, and that’s the origin of its name. The plant is quite similar in appearance to Cannabis Sativa. However, these are short and bushy plants with quite wide leaves. They grow faster and have more CBD than THC. They are more commonly found varieties of cannabis strains. 

Thanks to Indica plants, you can, generally, feel relaxed and have a reduction in muscle tension. However, they don’t interact with serotonin receptors, but help to increase dopamine hormone levels, responsible for people’s feelings of joy and happiness. That’s why Cannabis Indica is recommended to use only in the evenings to feel rested and sleep better. Its variation is associated with relaxing and seductive drugs. 

Cannabis Ruderalis

This train is very short and produces only small amounts of THC. Therefore, it’s not manufactured for medicinal, recreational, and industrial purposes. However, what’s interesting here is the fact that it grows independently of the photoperiod, and it has been even used to breed auto-flowering strains. 

Different colours of Cannabis

Except for different strains of cannabis, there are also different colours. The most common is of course green, however, under some conditions and in certain climates it can change its colour for red, purple, yellow, and even black. Such phenomena usually happen in spring and summer when there’s a high level of chlorophyll. 

Red plants are met very rarely. It’s often the cultivator who gives it this particular colour, using phosphorous deficiency. Still, in most cases, it leads to many spots left on leaves, which don’t look nice, but somewhat artificial.

The purple variation is more common. Then, people use anthocyanin in different forms, that changes green leaves into purple. This effect is also achievable when the temperature is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Yellow colour can appear, instead, in alkaline and high PH conditions. 
How to recognise Cannabis Flower?

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If you ever want to recognise cannabis flower in the forest, you must remember about certain things. Its first leaves are oval, and they look opposite to the stems. They also have toothed edges and thinner shapes. Then, you should look at the stem, which usually emits a strong smell of raw cannabis. That fragrance should help you to differentiate the cannabis flower from other similar plants. What’s more, keep in mind that cannabis should have up to 9 leaves. 

Cannabis plant may produce either male or female flowers. You will recognise male flowers if they have one stem with a bud on it, and female if they provide a group of blooms. 

Collecting all these facts, now you should know that cannabis is still a very mysterious and undiscovered flower that may surprise all of us many times. 

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