Check Your Frustration: Emojis to Express How Angry You Are

Check Your Frustration: Emojis to Express How Angry You Are

People feel hundreds of emotions Symbol each day. Each emotion has a particular social or physical situation that people would find themselves in. Moreover, the basic emotions of a human are sad, surprised, afraid, sad, disgusted, and angry. In this article, we’re going to show you the types of emojis to use in order to express your frustration comprehensively.

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The Mad Emoji 😡

The mad emoji is generally portrayed as a red face with an angry or pouting expression. The expression is like a face with the eyebrows and eyes being wrinkled downwards. Furthermore, the mad emoji has similar expressions to another icon emoji called the Angry Face on most operating systems. 

Depending on the platform, the mad emoji may convey different intensities of rage and hate. Samsung has a design with a yellow face with a symbol of anger. While on the Microsoft platform, the emoji is expressed as a yellow face with an expression of being hurt. This emoji shouldn’t be confused with a Person With Pouting Face emoji.

The Anger Symbol 💢

The anger symbol is an emoji that’s portrayed as a red symbol, similar to the symbol in people’s foreheads when theyre angry that’s commonly found on mangas and anime. The emoji represents the popping veins of an enraged individual. The symbol is also used with various comics and stories, symbolizing the visual effect of getting punched.

The Face with Symbols on Mouth 🤬

To express more anger into your frustration, the best emoji to use would be the Red Face with Symbols on its mouth. The emoji is basically a standard mad emoji; however, it has white grawlixes that cover the mouth, indicating a censored swear or vulgar language is being expressed.

Grawlixes are a set of typographical symbols, such as ‘@#$%,’ that are commonly used in comic books as a way to censor the vulgar words and expressions of a character visually. It’s mostly used to express sudden outbursts of frustration, anger, and rage.

Face With Steam on Its Nose 😤

This emoji is commonly portrayed as a yellow face with furrowed eyebrows, a frown, closed eyes, and two puffs of steam coming out of the nose. The emoji can be used in various ways, such as giving emphasis to a person’s irritation, discontent, anger, and hatred. However, it can also be used as an expression of dominance, pride, and empowerment.

The Expressionless Face 😑

The expressionless face emoji is commonly portrayed as a yellow face with a closed mouth and eyes, along with the appearance of not caring for anything. The emoji has mostly conveyed an expression of annoyance or disappointment. The expressionless face is an enhanced version of the Neutral Face 😐; it’s as if the person is looking for a moment to gather himself. 

Takeaway of Symbol

Over the internet, little is known about the worth and consequences when expressing emotions such as anger and rage. However, the way most people see it, expressing anger, is how people learn something new about themselves. It also helps people get to know a person when they’re angry and understand what they are like when enraged.

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