Choose Flowers For Your Loved One By Occasion And Not Appeal

Choose Flowers For Your Loved One By Occasion And Not Appeal

For long, flowers have been given as a present for conveying love, gratitude, hearty wishes, and everything virtuous. Be it wedding anniversaries, farewells, birthdays, no celebrations seem to be complete without blooms. Even for funerals, flowers are exchanged. These fragile blossoms help you express every emotion in the best possible manner.

But, they say, for every job, there is a right tool; for every occasion, there is a perfect flower. The colour of a flower carries a meaning, making that particular flower suitable for some events.

So, pick the perfect matches for perfect memories!

1 Valentine’s Day: Love is red blinded. For the day of love– Valentine’s day, impress your other half with a bouquet of red roses or pretty pink roses. Roses in colours of yellow and white are not considered appropriate because they represent friendship, purity and not love. For your budding relationship, you can go with purple roses because they symbolize enchantment.

2 Wedding Anniversary: Roses for the anniversary will do, but seasonal flowers are the best. To mark the day of your wedding, pick flowers from a shop or select flowers delivery online according to the time of the year. For instance, if your wedding anniversary falls in spring, delicate flowers such as peony, peach blossom are ideal. Make summer weddings bright with a bunch of sunflowers or any flower in the hue of golden, yellow. Be aware yellow carnations are a big no, they represent disappointment. For falls, richly coloured flower like lily can be given.

3 Get Well Soon: If your dear ones in the capital city of Delhi is ill and you wish to extend get well soon wishes, express it with flowers. You can deliver to him in the hospital or at home flowers via flowers delivery in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad etc.  However, make sure do not send overly fragrant flowers. Iris and tulips can add a touch of charm to the dreary hospital room. Marigold represents resilience, and hence, is a good option to send.

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4 Birthdays: On birthdays, a bouquet that is favourite of the recipient is the ideal choice. As there are flowers that correspond with each month, you can very well select them without any second thoughts. January is the month of carnations; primrose for February; daffodil for March; sweet pea for April; lily for May; rose for June; water lily for July; poppy for August; morning glory for September; calendula for October; chrysanthemum for November; and holly for December.

5 Thanks Giving: In case you are unsure about the favourite flower of the recipient whom you wish to say Thank You, then flowers in whites are perfect. Daisies, lilies also fit well for this occasion.

6 Sympathy: Flowers in Purples and Blues signifies hope and rebirth. Bouquets in a smaller size are recommended for such occasions. With these two colours, you can add white flowers to the arrangement.

Make every event more meaningful by selecting the right flowers for the right occasion.

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