Why People are Choosing Turkey for Cosmetic Surgery, Dentistry, and Eye Surgery

Why People are Choosing Turkey for Cosmetic Surgery, Dentistry, and Eye Surgery

We’ve all heard of people travelling outside of their own borders for all manner of elective surgery, whether it’s cosmetic work, dental work, or even eye surgery. Perhaps you even know someone that’s done it, but as time’s gone on, it’s become an increasingly popular option for many.

Of all the countries in the world offering great benefits to patients seeking out some form of elective surgery though, Turkey is quickly rising up the ranks to become one of the most popular, and there are some truly great reasons why.

So if you’ve been considering procedures such as breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, hair transplant, laser eye surgery, IVF, veneers, or dental implants Turkey could very well be the place for you, and the following guide will walk you through just some of the great reasons why so many people are choosing Turkey for their cosmetic surgery, dentistry, and eye surgery.

Turkey Offers Some Incredibly Affordable Pricing

We’ll start off with perhaps the biggest and most obvious reason why so many choose to go to Turkey for their cosmetic surgery, dentistry and eye surgery, and that’s the price. Turkey is one of the most competitive countries in the world when it comes to the costs of elective surgery, and it’s been a key component time and time again in drawing more and more patients for more and more procedures each year.

For many, the draw of saving thousands of pounds against the cost of undergoing their chosen procedure at home is simply too good to pass up, especially when it can be bought as part of an all-inclusive treatment package that includes luxury 5* accommodation, VIP transfers between the airport, the hotel, and the procedure, a patient coordinator assigned to personally ensure everything runs as smoothly as it should, a translator, and a dedicated patient aftercare team to help with any issues once you return home, all still for potentially thousands of pounds less than the procedure alone would cost in the UK.

There are a number of reasons why the prices in Turkey are so much lower than places like the UK, Europe, or the US, and it chiefly comes down to the clinics having much lower outgoings. The cost of labour and medications for example are so much higher in the UK that establishments have to be much more profit driven. The cost for medication alone is around 50% cheaper in Turkey. On top of this and a favourable exchange rate between the British Pound and the Turkish Lira, the Turkish government also provides huge subsidies to the medical industry to help encourage more and more cosmetic tourism. With thousands of patients coming into the country for all manner of elective procedures, it’s become a huge part of Turkey’s economy. 

So with factors like these to consider, we can soon see how Turkey is able to keep surgery prices so low, without the need for any compromise on quality.

Turkey Has Some of the World’s Most Highly Skilled and Experienced Medical Professionals
One of the main concerns that many mention when thinking about travelling abroad for some form of surgery is the quality, skill, and levels of experience of the medical professionals they’ll be dealing with. You’ll have no need to worry about Turkey, as it’s just as well developed a country as any other, and subscribes to the same tight international regulations as the UK and the rest of Europe.

As a consequence of the countless procedures going on at any given time in Turkey, the typical surgeon, dentist, or ophthalmologist in the country sees far more action than any of their counterparts in Britain ever will throughout the course of their careers. The training medical professionals in Turkey undergo is also some of the most intense, also due in part to the large numbers of patients coming through their doors.

Because of all of this, you can rest assured that the medical professionals living and working in Turkey are some of the most highly skilled and experienced medical professionals in the whole world.

Turkey Has Some of the World’s Strictest Medical Standards and Guidelines That Must Be Followed at All Times
One of the best reasons to feel safe in choosing Turkey as the destination for your cosmetic, dental, or eye surgery is thanks to the incredibly stringent medical standards and guidelines set up and strictly enforced in the country by the Ministry of Health.

All medical establishments and medical professionals must follow all of the wide ranging guidelines at all times, and frequent on the spot surprise visits to ensure everything is as it should be are a frequent occurrence. This has helped to ensure that Turkey’s medical industry is an incredibly tightly run ship, and that all surgeons, dentists, ophthalmologists and other medical professionals are fully credible, certified and licenced to be practicing, all decontamination and sterilisation standards are being properly adhered to for clinical environments and medical equipment, and that all patients are receiving the best levels of quality care possible.

More and More of Turkey’s Clinics, Hospitals, and Other Medical Practices are Going Out of Their Way to Seek International Accreditation
In a bid to further put their patients at rest and feel comfortable that they’ll be in a safe pair of hands, more and more of Turkey’s clinics, hospitals, and other medical practices are going out of their way to seek international accreditation.

Before getting up and running, any medical establishment in Turkey must first seek accreditation from the Turkish Government and the Ministry of Health, to ensure that they’ll be abiding fully to the previously mentioned strict medical guidelines laid out by the country’s governing bodies. To take things one step further though, more and more establishments are looking to attain international accreditation too, so that their patients can be sure they’ll be sticking to only the highest medical standards and guidelines laid out and supported by the international governing bodies.

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