How to Clean and Restore Car Headlights

How to Clean and Restore Car Headlights

It doesn’t take much for an accident. Usually, the human error is enough to leave someone’s lifeless body lying on the side of the road. If you think about it, we are driving metal machines that weigh several tonnes, in the proximity of other metal machines, often reaching the speed that is several times higher than the fastest animal on our planet. It would be surprising if the accidents weren’t happening.

Nothing in this world is eternal. Although this statement rings true when it comes to us, humans, it also pertains to headlights. With time, the plastic will degrade, and you’ll have to face this issue somehow. You visit a mechanic, but you can also try fixing this problem by yourself! This article will show you how to clean and restore your headlights, even if you are not a car expert.

Why is it so important?

Your safety depends on whether you keep your headlights clean and working properly. It’s not only that you won’t be able to see obstacles on the road. What’s even more dangerous is that other drivers may have trouble seeing your car, therefore creating a danger for you and the other driver. If you fail to take care of your headlights properly, you’ll risk causing a loss of life. Think twice.

What to do now?

UV rays from the sun cause the degradation of the plastic. It means that most likely, it won’t be enough just to clean your headlights properly. You’ll also have to apply protective layers. It’s not that complicated, though; you just have to follow those instructions or check with workshop repair manuals.

What do you need?

There are several ways to tackle this problem. You can find guides on the internet on how to clean your headlights using bug spray, baking soda and vinegar, or toothpaste. Although with varying success rates, they all work. This article, though, will focus on how to take care of your headlights issues with a headlight lens restoration kit.

Before you consider buying anything, you should use warm water with soap to thoroughly wash your headlines. If, after your rinse, there are still irregularities, and the surface feels gritty, it means that simple washing won’t do.

How to begin

A headlight lens restoration kit should include several grits of sandpaper, a polishing cloth polishing compound, and a protective coating. You should read the manufacturer’s instructions and avoid doing things your own way.

It’s time for some sanding

Use a painter’s tape to cover the paint of the car next to a headlight. You’ll spend some time sanding, which means that there is room for mistakes. A painter’s tape will ensure that you don’t scrub off some of your car’s paint as well.

Then, wet sandpaper, and it’s time for some sanding. Just make sure that the headlight stays wet; otherwise, you’ll risk causing damage. You should start with the most abrasive type of sandpaper and then change to the less abrasive types. Remember, though, to sand in the same direction when using the first type and then change the direction of sanding once you change the type of sandpaper you are using.

And now the rest

Now, let the headlines dry off, and then it’s time for you to rub in a polishing compound. Using a microfiber towel, administer polish using gentle motions. All the sanding destroyed all the remaining layers protecting the headlights from UV rays. If you don’t want to repeat this process in a month, it is time to apply a protective coating. Afterward, don’t use the car for 24 hours – let it dry off. This way, there won’t be any dirt or bugs on your headlamps.

If all of those steps seem too complicated for you to accomplish by yourself, then ask for help! Everyone who has a car for long enough time will have to deal with the condition of their headlights eventually. The chances are that one of your neighbors will lend you a helping hand, and save you the visit to a mechanic.

Don’t be intimidated!

If you don’t have much experience with the cars, but being a danger to other drivers is something you would rather avoid, you can restore the condition of your headlights by yourself. It required some time and effort, but if you follow the instructions closely, you should be just fine. Just don’t rush things, or you’ll be risking damaging the paint of your car. Not the end of the world, but not ideal either.

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