Best Window Cleaning Tools

Best Window Cleaning Tools

Glass can be a stubborn material to work with. One tiny scratch or a few smudges can mar the look of the whole window. If you’ve been facing an issue when you clean your Window, then it might be because you’re using the tools that aren’t quite right. Here are 5 of the best tools you can use to make cleaning your windows a breeze.  But before that, if you’d prefer a professional to clean your windows, then try Helpling.  

1. A microfiber cloth works wonders on glass.

Although regular cloth works decently, a microfiber cloth can help you to get the perfect finish. This cloth is one of the best multipurpose tools that you can have around your house. The cloth’s texture will rub off any particles that might be stuck is excellent at wiping away dirt even without any water.  The fabric is also highly absorbent and can clean large sections at once. If you don’t own one yet, make it a point to grab one the next time you go to the supermarket.

2. Squeegee is the perfect wiping tool.

Are you struggling with wiping the window clean? One solution to your problem might be a squeegee. The rubber edge of the squeegee makes it a breeze to wipe all the water off the glass. This single tool is essential to clean your Window and you need to add it to your cleaning toolbox.

3. Magnetic window cleaners can wash both sides of the window at once.

Cleaning the surface of the window facing into the house can be easy to do, but the outer surface can be hard to reach, especially if you have windows on a higher floor. Not to mention, this is usually the surface that gets the dirtiest! If you’re tired of having to call a professional cleaning service to clean your window every time you have a little bit of dirt, this tool can help you out.

Magnetic window cleaners have two parts-one that you can attach to the outer area and one that you keep on the inner part. A magnet holds the pieces attached.  There’s also a string that keeps them secure, so you don’t have to worry about one of the pieces falling. The microfiber cloth on this gadget will get rid of any dirt quickly. The magnetic window cleaner can be a precious tool for you if you live in an apartment and only have a few high up windows that need cleaning.

4. Q tips can get into the window tracks.

The hardest part to clean in a window is the corners and the window tracks. Trying to scrub all the dirt out of that tiny crack can be frustrating. Well, here’s a golden tip for you, why not use a Q tip?

 These cotton swabs can help you get into every nook and cranny without any hassle because of their shape. They’re also a common household item, so they cost next to nothing.

5. Microfiber sleeves, T bars, and extension poles are worth looking into if your windows are unreachable.

These items can be a bit more costly to buy as you need all three of them. But if you have windows that you can’t reach, this is the best way to do it. The microfiber sleeve is highly effective at getting rid of dust, and these tools are multipurpose.

All of the tools that we’ve included are cheap and relatively easy to find. If you incorporate these handy tools into your cleaning basket, you’ll never stop using them. They will transform the way you clean windows.  And even after this great advice you’d prefer a pro, then find your perfect window cleaning professional at Helpling.

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