Coronavirus Cleaning Checklist For Your Office

Coronavirus Cleaning Checklist For Your Office

Checklist: Cleaning Your Office During the Coronavirus

If you’re looking for a Coronavirus cleaning checklist for your office you’ve come to the right place. Health and safety is important during this time of a pandemic and knowing how to keep things clean is of the utmost importance. We’ve provided a checklist you can follow along with to keep your office clean during the coronavirus. 

#1 Make Sure You Clean Everything

This may seem like a no-brainer but when dealing with an infectious disease like the Coronavirus it is important that EVERYTHING is cleaned and disinfected. This includes walls, floors, counters, switches, water coolers, and anything else. If hands can touch it, you have to clean it. 

Unclean surfaces can transmit the virus to freshly cleaned surfaces, eliminating all the hard work of your cleaning in the first place. Office’s should be deep cleaned regularly, if this is not possible yourself, consider hiring a professional cleaning crew to deep clean your office. 

PRO TIP: Read these essential floor cleaning tips!  We know they’ll be helpful!

#2 Start From The Top and Work Down

It is important when cleaning to start from the highest point and work downwards. Dirt dust and debris travel downward when cleaning, so starting from the top will allow everything to be cleaned without backtracking to re-clean surfaces already cleaned previously due to new debris. Floors should be cleaned last once all other objects and surfaces have been cleaned. 

#3 Use Appropriate Cleaners and Disinfectants 

It is important to not only clean your office during Coronavirus, but to clean correctly. If you do not use the appropriate cleaners, you will not remove the virus from your office. The Centers For Disease Control (CDC) recommend alcohol based cleaners with at least 70% alcohol in order to eliminate the Coronavirus from objects and surfaces. 

#4 Clean High Traffic Areas and Heavy Use Items Often

Cleaning for Coronavirus is not a one time solution. Items such as lightswitches, touchpads, and keyboards need to be cleaned and disinfected repeatedly. Any object that is routinely touched by people over the course of the day needs to be cleaned multiple times a day. This can be easily solved by setting up mini cleaning stations near objects that are used a lot. 

It is also important to clean high traffic areas where many people pass through regardless of contact. Floors and surfaces that come into contact with multiple people should  be cleaned on a schedule to ensure that they stay virus free. By setting up a daily cleaning schedule for high traffic areas, you can minimize the risk of virus spread by preventing the build up of germs and bacteria.

#5 Remember to Clean Forgotten Areas and Areas That Are Closed Or Sealed

It is easy to forget places to clean in an office building. Things like file cabinets, window sills, and plants can often be overlooked. When cleaning your office it is important to take these places and objects into account in order to fully clean the area. Forgotten areas can build up mold and dust and during the Coronavirus, an overlooked area can be a potential point of virus spread. If you add these places to your own cleaning list, you will be sure to have a completely clean office.

#6 Remember The Little Things

There are a number of smaller tasks during cleaning that often get overlooked:

  • Empty the trash and sanitize the trash bins
  • If your office has a break room, sanitize the refrigerator and throw out old food
  • Clean and sanitize air vents and other ventilation equipment 
  • Vacuuming can help to minimize dust and debris but does not sanitize, floors have to be scrubbed with a disinfectant to be truly clean 
  • Window glass and door knobs often get overlooked and are key transmitters of the virus

Remembering the little things will ensure a complete clean of your office every time. 

#7 Consult Professionals When You’re Unsure What To Do

If your office is very busy and difficult to clean, it may be time to call in a professional cleaning crew. Most crews work in teams and can tackle large or small offices. A professional crew will likely have the tools and disinfectants needs to completely clean objects and surfaces. 

Cleaning crews will often come to your office after hours and perform a deep clean while few or no people are there. This can be a good first step to ensure that the office starts off clean before you begin using our checklist to do all of your routine daily cleaning. 


If you follow the suggestions in our checklist, you will be able to clean your office from top to bottom and make sure that it stays clean. We have given you all the tips and suggestions on how to break down your cleaning tasks for easy cleaning. We hope our Coronavirus cleaning checklist for your office will help you stay safe and healthy during this trying time.

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