10 Crazy Things About the Logistics Industry

10 Crazy Things About the Logistics Industry

The world depends on the logistics industry directly or indirectly, irrespective of where we live. Logisitics is like the back bone of the economy, supplying the many and varying needs of people everywhere. However, over the years, the way people consume has changed, and many of us have developed the habit of ordering products online. Do you know who makes it possible to deliver your favourite goods to your doorstep within a couple of days? Yeah, they are people in the logistics industry who work tirelessly to provide you with your favourite products. 

There is no doubt that being in the logistics industry is challenging, as many of these professionals are often forced to work under tough conditions and restrcitions in factories and warehouses. 

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The Guardian outlines how poor warehouse conditions impact emplyees on a regular basis stating, 

There has been no real change. There are still injuries. They were saying the report is not accurate, but it’s just a way for them to avoid responsibility,” she said. Cummings said injuries are common among her colleagues, and she often experiences close calls. A few weeks ago, a pin sticking out of the conveyor belt tore off one of her work gloves, almost taking her hand with it. She also said some packages that drop on to her conveyor belt from the chute are either too large to be on it or improperly packaged, so the package’s contents burst open on the belt, which she said recently injured one of her colleagues.”

Even during the devastating impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic, when people all over the globe are in lock down, the logistics industry is still operational and making sure that everyone gets the essential goods on time. 

Now that you have a better understanding of the supply chain,  some of you might be curious to know a few crazy facts about logisitcs:

1. Logistics is made up of many small categories:

There is no doubt to say that supply chain, logistics and  the transportation industry is reported as one of the largest business sectors around the world. It has been growing since the 50s, and today it has become a multi-billion-dollar industry. 

It’s really interesting to know that this field is actually comprised of six different subcategories. Yeah! The list includes rail, aviation, storage, warehouse, maritime and road. These divisions are based on the type of services these professionals provide. Every country usually has all these types of facilities to maintain proper flow of essential items within the community. 

2. The largest ship in the industry can carry Eiffel tower:

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You will be surprised to know that the largest ship available in the logistics industry can carry the Eiffel tower with ease. Moreover, it is as large as that it can transport almost 384 million pairs of shoes with ease. This ship can be used to carry several containers ensuring better supply for businesses and communities around the globe. 

3. 90% of the world trade happens through ships:

Another interesting fact about the logistics sector is that almost 90% of products in the entire world travels by ship. Note that, this is almost equal to the same percentage of U.S. vehicles that are supposed to become electric by the end of the year 2040. Sounds crazy! But it’s true. 

4. Shipping by boat is a greener alternative:

When most of the world is making an effort to better support sustaibility, it is important to mention that the logistics sector is also contributing to improving the environment. Although trucks and planes cause pollution; boats are usually considered a greener alternative for shipping goods. However, it is also important to know that this option means it takes much longer for goods to arrive, as planes and trucks are much quicker! 

5. There are around 20 million shipping containers in the ocean.

Well, that count is almost equivalent to the number of people living in Sri Lanka! That’s really interesting, because Sri Lanka is known as 58th most populated country as per the reports obtained from the United Nations Population Division. So, with 20 million shipping containers in mind, you can imagine how much stuff the logistics sector is transporting to all corners of the world!

6. Shipping industry follows top-notch safety standards:

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When shipping goods to serve communities around the world, of course, security is needed. You will be surprised to know that the shipping industry is known for its awesome secret-keeping practices. Even the shipping team is least aware of what they are carrying in the containers. Furthermore, in order to protect the marine environment, they have established some of the highest safety standards in the world. 

7. The U.S. has more than 20,000 female truck drivers:

Here is another interesting fact for you. In the United States, female truckers account for only 5.8% of the total truck drivers in the country. Many people are now speaking out about the lack of women working in the industry and doing their level best to help educate women about driving trucks as a career path. 

8. The trucking sector may grow by 21% by the next ten years:

Recent statistics reveal that the trucking industry may grow by almost 21% in the coming ten years. All because trucks are considered as the most popular and convenient mode of transportation in Mexico, Canada and many other parts of the world. 

9. Third-party logistics has vast network:

It is said that third-party logistics service providers are the key role players in this industry. They take up more than half of the tasks for different industry and make sure that things are delivered in a more cost-effective way. Companies that prefer third party outsourcing for their products are likely to save almost 13% on their overall shipping cost. Many of these service providers are even using wms solutions to maintain their routine movements. 

10. Logistics is the largest work resource creator:

The logistics industry provides millions of jobs for millions of people across the globe. This sector is one of the main industries supporting the world economy. 

So, you have gone through 10 interesting facts about the logistics sector. Hope this article has helped you understand the how importain the logistic industry is and how it serves your everyday needs. 

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