Crucial Rules For Making An Amazing Webpage

Crucial Rules For Making An Amazing Webpage


Whether you’ve just started your business and need a webpage, or you simply want to make one for yourself, you would be on the lookout for the most suitable website maker. A huge caveat of most of these fast sites is that they don’t yield the best outcome. Thus, if you wish to make a unique and outstanding website among the countless other competing sites on the internet, you’ve come to the right place.

1) 5 Seconds On The Clock

Five seconds is all it takes for site viewers to pass judgment on your website. That is, the mean amount of time that viewers will choose to either continue scrolling your site or not is between five to eight quick seconds of seeing it. Unfortunately for you, that is a very brief period to capture their interest. It would be wise to make your website interesting such that visitors are more than willing to continue browsing. Be sure to tell them what you can do for them. That said, don’t overload visitors with information as it might drive them away.

2) Clarity

You want to make sure that the words used to explain your goods, services, and trade are well-edited such that they are legible and can be understood quickly. Whatever the message of your website is, it has to be conveyed in the clearest manner possible. More importantly, pick legible word design and typeface, keep the information succinct (on the whole, only three out of 10 texts are read), use point form and suitable titles, include appropriate gaps between lines and paragraphs and make a direct appeal and comprehensive main point. Although it can be tempting to include a variety of communicative mediums, text is still the way to go to efficiently convey your ideas to readers.

3) Receptive and Mobile Friendly Online Site

Stand in the shoes of your consumers who are probably always moving about. Chances are, they are unable to use your website on their computer while on public transport. Most users are probably on their handphones and iPads. On top of having a receptive website, making it operational on mobile phones is just as crucial. If you can make your website function just as professionally on mobile devices as on laptops, then congratulations, you have just upped the awesomeness of your site.  

How important is this anyway? Incredibly! According to the 2015 Mobilegeddon report by Google, there was close to a five percent rise in mobile-optimized websites. Five percent might not sound like much but some organizations did see a sizable reduction in usage.  

4) Keeping It Basic Yet, Advanced 

When it was popular to style websites, creators often overwhelmed sites with pictures that are too large, few words with big fonts, and other designs that just rendered the pages ugly and improper.  Having advanced interfacing hints on a professional website garners the interest of consumers about your merchandise and/or services. 

Depending on your business, you might want to opt for a basic design so that the content is more memorable than words or images. Alternatively, if your website functions as a brief informative online description for your business, then you can go for a shift in the style of your website. There are a myriad of amazing hacks up the sleeves of web designers and they are gradually trending. 

Keeping It Basic Yet, Advanced

5) Strategically Set Commercials

You might have already heard that the principal source of income from a webpage —if you’re not selling goods or services—is the commercials. However, unless you want your website to appear on users’ random searches or worse, irritate them, don’t overcrowd your website with advertisements. Needless to say, situating the advertisements in awkward places on your page is a great way to encourage visitors to subsequently avoid your webpage. 

6) Visual Stimulation

Picking suitable pictures for websites is a frequently neglected task. A common concern is whether you should make the selection from original works that you have archived or choose from the repertoire of stock pictures? The key here is to ensure that the pictures are not grainy. However since most of us are not professional photographers and/or will likely use the camera on our mobile phones, it is difficult to guarantee that the quality of the pictures you take will look appealing on the website. That said, choosing identical stock images that your competitors in the same line of work are using on their site is a big no. So, think out of the box! Decide on what is best for you and your company before making that call.

7) Direct Users’ Movement

This is an essential aspect of a webpage that is, sadly, frequently omitted. We now know that users don’t have a ton of patience to look through your website. Therefore, if your website doesn’t effectively indicate where users can go to get relevant information or doesn’t explicitly state the ways you can help solve their problems, they are just a click away from leaving your page. 

“Ask a question”, “Pay here”, “Click here for more information” are some examples of commonly used phrases that explicitly tell visitors what they can do. These directions improve navigation and thus, the rate of desired consumer outcome on your site. But you need to avoid having too many of these which can irritate users while simultaneously ensuring that they’re present on other pages of your website, beyond just the front page. 

You have to cater to situations where users are directed to the secondary pages of your site instead of the main page. Have you offered them the relevant cues to guide them back?  

These suggestions should get you started on developing your website in the path that you want and also provide you with some things to take note of. Think about what you and your consumers value and ensure that you highlight just that when styling your web page. 


With these tips, hopefully, you’ll find your journey of building a website a less daunting one. Be detailed and hopefully, you won’t miss out on the basic things that can cost you your viewership. One last pro-tip before we go; make sure to choose the right web host as it will make a great deal of difference to the success of your site. We’d recommend exploring options like Hosting Foundry before making your final decision! 

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