Dental Implants in Hungary – Why this is the most sought treatment among dental tourists

Dental Implants in Hungary – Why this is the most sought treatment among dental tourists

Hungary is located in the heart of Europe and is a popular tourist destination because of lots of attractions. The capital, Budapest has a history of more than one thousand years. Numerous attractions of the country are in the capital including thermal baths, museums, restaurants, theaters but since Hungary is a small country and Budapest is in the middle, all rural attractions can be reached within a few hours by car. Perhaps one of the most famous landmarks is The Hungarian Parliament Building. It is a masterpiece of Gothic Revival, has a long past and stands as a symbol of power and pride for the Hungarian people. Even for those who dislike politics will find it truly stunning from the outside. All tourists should get inside and take a good look at the decoration. Spoiler alert: If you’re the minimalist type, you’ll be shocked! It’s worth the visit, nevertheless.

The range of sights in Budapest is almost endless, as it is no coincidence that anyone who has been there once returns again. In addition to the tourist attractions, Budapest has another appeal that attracts thousands from abroad every year. This attraction is the high quality dental treatment provided at affordable prices. As in highly develpoed countries like Western Europe, the USA, Canada, the cost of dental treatments can reach very high amounts, more and more people are seeking solutions to their dental problems abroad. With its easy accessibility, Budapest has become a popular destination. Dental tourism to Hungary is so significant that it accounts for approx. 90% of the total medical tourism in the country.

  1. Dental implant prices in Hungary

In England, the NHS supports dental treatment. These treatments are always medically justified, so they do not support aesthetic treatments. Practically, the dental implant is not supported, except in individual cases when, for example, a denture is not possible, due to an accident. But the number of cases when there is support for implants is so low, we can say it is practically zero.

In France, Sociale Securite does not support implants at all. However, as Hungary is a member of the EU, every treatment other than implants received in Budapest will receive the same support as in France.

In Ireland, a 20% tax credit can be claimed after dental treatments including implants. This credit can also be claimed for treatments performed in Hungary by completing the MED2 form.

Implant treatments are one of the most expensive ones. As there is no state support for these, except in Ireland, patients are trying to get this done abroad to reduce costs.

Let us have a look at dental implant costs all over the world.

1.1 The cost of one tooth replacement with implants:

Tooth replacement cost for an individual tooth with dental impant+abutment+porcelain fused to metal crownaverage price in EURAverage savings in EUR, if treatment is carried out in Hungary (for one tooth replacement with implant)


The above prices are for guidance only. Treatment prices depend on the type of implant used, the length of the warranty, the clinic and many other unique factors.

It can be seen that the prices are so competitive in Budapest that it is worth flying there even for an implant screw. The biggest savings for this treatment are available for US patients. It is true that travel costs are the most significant for them, but for more serious treatment, including travel costs, it is well worth coming to Hungary for care, as you can save 50-70% on dental costs.


1.2. The cost of implant-supported bridges:

These solutions apply when at least three teeth, but no more than four, are missing in a row. To treat such a case the dentist places one implant at the ends of the tooth gap and these implants will be the pillars of the bridge. As an example, let’s look at the cost of an implant-retained bridge covering a three-tooth gap. Then there is an implant on each side of the tooth gap and a 3-element bridge is placed on it.

Tooth replacement cost with a 3 unit implant supported bridge: 2 implants and a 3 unit porcelain fused to metal bridge fitted on the implantsaverage price in EURAverage savings in EUR, if treatment is carried out in Hungary (3 unit implant supported bridge)


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The above bridge solution is an example only, longer bridges can be made with implants. If a longer bridge is needed, the dentist places the implants not only at the edges of the tooth gap but also one or more in the middle for stability.

1.3. The Cost of Full Arch Restorations with All-on-4 procedure:

Most foreign patients contemplating dental care abroad are interested in full arch restorations. The All-on-4 in Hungary is the most cost-effective solution which is applicable to a toothless mouth is. In this case, 4 implant screws are inserted in one arch of the the jaw and these screws hold an overdenture. This treatment results in significant improvement in quality of life for patients who previously had only one removable denture. They can talk, eat confidently and even whistle. The sense of taste is also greatly improved. All-on-4 solution is with a fixed denture that can only be removed by the dentist.

All-on-4 cost for one jaw with 4 implants+4 abutments+an implant retained overdentureaverage price in EURAverage savings in EUR, if treatment is carried out in Hungary (All-on-4)


1.4. Dental implant treatment in Budapest

If a patient needs an implant, one must travel to Budapest at least twice. During the first visit, the implant specialist will determine, on the basis of the 3d scan, which parts of the jaw are to be implanted for the best stability and then inserts screws. It is not a complicated process depending ont the number of screws it takes 1-3 hours. After a few months of recovery, on the second visit, the patient receives the crown, bridge, or All-on-4 overdenture. In case of extraction, sinus lift, or bone grafting is required before implant placement, it may be necessary to perform a separate visit prior to implantation. Usually, the implantation requires 2 days in Budapest, while the second visit is in the range of 4-8 days depending on the size of the treatment.

Implantation is the state of the art in dentistry for replacing a lost tooth. Dental screws are made from bio-friendly titanium, just like other implants used in human medicine. Their life span expectancy is 50+ years, so dental implants are just one-time cost.

Of course, patients also come to Budapest for other treatments. The above are just examples of possible treatment types. Any patient who has made enquires about dental care in Budapest will receive a personalized treatment plan after emailing a panoramic x-ray to the selected clinic.

If you get your implants abroad, it is worth noting, that there are roughly 35-45 dental implant brands used out there. Each implant brand has its own medical tool, so it is not obvious that your dental implants can be maintained everywhere. Dental clinics usually work with 3-4 implant brands and have the medical tools to these brands. So, you should make sure one of the dentists around the place of your living work with that implant brand you plan on getting abroad. Anyway, if you choose top-end premium implant brands like Nobel Biocare or Straumann it is very likely you will easily find dentists working with these types.


2.Treatment prices without implants:

2.1.The cost of bridges:

The second most frequent type of treatment after implant treatments is the bridge or crown. For patients who want a more budget solution and it is medically possible to have it, bridges are recommended to cover teeth gaps. In these cases, the doctor uses healthy or less decayed teeth at the ends of teeth gaps as pillars of bridges. This solution is cheaper in all cases than the implant retained bridge, but less durable, as each bridge has a lifetime of 10 to 15 years and moreover teeth next to teeth gaps must be filed down. The 3-element bridge allows you to make a bridge for one missing tooth, so the prices below should be compared to the prices in the first table, where individual implant prices are listed.

the price of a 3 unit porcelain fused to metal bridgeaverage price in EURAverage savings in EUR, if treatment is carried out in Hungary (3 unit porcelain fused to metal bridge)


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The above case is an example, a longer bridge can also be made, but the possibility is limited because if the tooth deficiency is too long, the bridge can not be made without implants. The price comparison shows that traditional bridges are much cheaper than implant supported bridges and treatment can be done during one visit. The bridges are completed in Hungary in 5 days on average.

2.2.Cosmetic dentistry:

Lots of people come to Hungary for aesthetic dental treatment. They have healthy teeth but are not happy with their smile because the shape of their front teeth is not beautiful or the teeth slightly stick out or may have a tooth chipped or broken. Usually, in a period of five days, dentists in Budapest can do a miracle to their smile. If you only have tooth shape problems, dentist typically uses zirconium or E-max veneers. For major problems, like a broken tooth dentists use zirconium or all ceramic E-max crowns. The saving potential is similar to restorative dental treatments, ie 40-70%.

the price of a ziconium veneeraverage price in EURAverage savings in EUR, if treatment is carried out in Hungary (zirconium veneer)


Prices with all ceramic E-max veneers are a bit higher, but it provides the best results as it is the most aesthetic solution resembling the most to healthy white real teeth.

the price of an E-max crownaverage price in EURAverage savings in EUR, if treatment is carried out in Hungary (E-max crown)


A smile makeover requires at least 4pcs of veneers or crowns but it is also possible that 12-16pcs are needed for a perfect result. This kind of treatment takes 5-8 workdays in Hungary depending on the number of items needs to be fitted.

3. Additional costs

Dentist prices in Hungary are very competitve.

In addition to the cost of dental treatment in Budapest, the cost of accommodation and airline tickets are considerable.

The cost of food and public transport in Budapest is low compared to Western European cities.

Finding accommodation, from simple ones (booking or airbnb) to a five-star hotel is easy. Simpler accommodation costs 20-25EUR/night, but for 5-star hotels it is possile you will be charged 150-200EUR/night. You can buy return tickets with low cost flights in Europe for 50-250EUR. Airline fares are higher from the US, but if you don’t buy last minute, you can buy a return ticket for $ 500- $ 900. Some major US cities also have direct flights to Budapest.

4. How much you can save on dental treatment in Hungary

Foreign patients can save a lot on dental care in Budapest. Depending on the treatment, the savings are between 35-65%, including flight and accommodation costs. The more extensive care you need the higher savings you will have.

French and Irish patients are eligible for state reimbursement for certain dental treatments in Budapest, just as they would have been done in their home country.

If the patient has private health insurance, the insurer will reimburse part of the treatment, which will further increase the savings amount. The extent and possibility of this depends on individual insurance.

It should also be noted that the treatment can be combined with a holiday, as the duration of the treatment is 1-2.5 hours per day and usually the patient has to make  four appointments a week, leaving plenty of free time.

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