Devices you need to make your home secure

Devices you need to make your home secure

Having home security devices in a home is a necessity. Many imminent dangers cannot be fought off by just having necessary door locks and leaving the lights on at night.

A survey report by the University of North Carolina states that 60% of convicted burglars choose to target a home that did not have security devices.

You don’t need to out and invest in an expensive home security system. You can choose security devices as per your need. 

Here are a few home security devices that we feel are necessary to make a home secure. 

1.  Smoke detectors

A blazing fire can occur at any time, but the ones that occur at night are the most dangerous. In a fire, people mostly lose material things, but sometimes there are fire deaths.  Having a smoke detector in the house can change things drastically. The smoke detector will inform you before the fire spreads so that you can take the appropriate action. 

A primary smoke detector like X-sense SD01 will do the job efficiently. Moreover, the cost is economical, and people can quickly learn how to turn off the fire alarm.

2. Carbon monoxide detectors 

It is a lesser-known security device, but it is necessary for homes where there is excessive use of heaters. If the heaters malfunction, they will release Carbon mono oxide, a tasteless and odorless gas that can cause poisoning and sometimes death. If you don’t have a detector, you will not detect it until you get sick.

3. Motion sensors 

These sensors are typically placed outdoors. They will identify any unknown presence around the house and immediately warn the house owners. Surely no one wants to have a peeping tom around their home. The latest motion sensors can also differentiate between human and pet presence, which means no more worrying about fake alarms.

4. Contact sensor

Contact sensors are positioned on doors and windows. They work by detecting vibrations. If someone touches or forcefully tries to enter your home, you will be informed at once. Also, a loud alarm will go off, which will scare the burglar.  

5. Security cameras 

You can place cameras inside and outside the house. These cameras have HD live recording, which gives good video in sunlight and at night. If you like to travel often, these cameras will help you keep an eye on your home from anywhere. You won’t have to put a friend or family member in charge of your home. These are a significant convenience for working parents. With these cameras, they can keep an eye on the children’s activities when they’re not home and see how the nanny behaves in their absence. With this installed, the guardians can work in peace.


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6. Window stickers and yard signs

The home security companies give homeowners stickers and signs. These are a marketing tool for the company. But for homeowners, it can be a security measure. Often burglars tend to stay away from a house that has security devices. This sign wards them off from even trying to steal from your home.

The security devices often last over 5-10 years. It is a rather small investment which will save you millions in the future.

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