Different Types of Kisses, How to Do, and What They Mean

Different Types of Kisses, How to Do, and What They Mean

We all crave for a certain kind of physical touch and a kiss happens to be a special one. There are different types of kisses that you can give or receive from someone. What type of kiss they are and who they are coming from makes all the difference.

Every type of kiss makes a person feel special. It can be a warm greeting for a friend or a passionate kiss from your lover. Kisses bring in strong vibes of love and affection. If you’re new in a relationship, you might want to know all about the different types of kisses. The first thing to rectify is knowing that not all kisses are for the lips or face. Kisses can be done wherever you’re welcomed. But you need to know the types and what they signify.

Different types of kisses

Kisses are an expression of our soul and that’s why there are plenty of options. You will kiss your partner differently from the way you’d kiss your child. Find out all about the different types of kisses and how to do them.

1. Kissing on the lips

Kissing on the lips is definitely the most common type of the gesture we know off. Be it through romantic movies or seeing parents kiss each other, we all know this one. This is the most common one among all the different types of kisses and you’ve probably done this one already.

How to do?

When two people touch each other’s lips, the action is a form of lip kiss. This is usually shared between partners, lovers, and in parent-child relationship. Kissing on the lips can turn into passion and bring in the intensity of sensuality. This type of kiss is also called lip lock that people do out of love and affection. Lips kisses are usually the first step of coming close to a person physically.

Lip Kiss

2. Kisses on cheeks

Kissing on the cheeks is probably the most common among all different types of kisses, because you can do it to almost anyone. Kissing on the cheeks is more of an affection and not love. It is much different from passionate emotions, but it can always be a part of that. Many countries practice kissing on the cheeks as a way to greet or say bye.

How to do?

By placing a peck on someone’s cheek, you can give them a kiss. In many cases, when someone kisses a person’s a cheek, they like them and want to know more about them. It is a sweet gesture to allow someone to know more about you, and offer the same in return. You can also call this a friendship kiss and it isn’t unnatural to do so.

Cheek kiss

3. Hand kisses

Many mainstream cinemas have shown men shake hands with women and kiss the top of their hands. It is a type of showing admiration towards a person and is pretty normal among different types of kisses.

How to do?

Hand kisses are usually given by men to women. When they shake hands, the man takes the woman’s hand and kisses her on top of her hand. It is important to understand if the woman is allowing the gesture or not. You shouldn’t do it if you find the woman feeling uncomfortable or not liking it.

Hand kisses are an expression towards women to call them lovely and beautiful. Many traditions follow this like a part of their culture. Hand kisses show respect so you can also call this respect kiss.

hand kiss

4. Kissing on the forehead

Forehead kisses are one of the best that you can give your lover, especially when you’re new in the relationship. Girls love forehead kisses and you give them a sense of respect, care, affection, love and trust through it.

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How to do?

Replace pecking on the cheeks with forehead, and there you have kissed a girl and made them weak. Forehead kisses show that you care and is often done by parents to their kids. If you really care for someone and you want to show that to them, you must kiss them of the forehead. This is yet another kind of affection kiss.

forehead kiss

5. Kissing on the nose

Kissing on the nose is almost like a nose rub. Here, one person presses the tip of their nose against another person’s nose. Kissing a nose can mean friendship, greeting, or be done in relationships. Sometimes, lovers do them to oomph up their romance and make their women feel loved.

How to do?

Kissing on the nose is rubbing your nose against your friend’s nose or partner’s nose. This can be a cute gesture to acknowledge your relationship. There isn’t much attraction about this, but we can’t deny that it brings lips closer. However, this is yet another kind of friendship kiss if you’re just friends with the person, you’re doing it to.

nose kiss

6. Kisses with tongue

There are different types of kisses that you can do with your tongue and the most famous one is French Kiss. It is a form of passionate kiss where two people touch their tongue and kiss each other. It usually happens between people who get physical with each other and is also considered the first base of sex.

French kiss is famous all across the world and it is also known for burning calories! You can burn almost 120 calories by doing a French kiss for once hour. However, you might think that’s too long when there is way more things to do than just kiss!

How to do?

A French kiss starts with a normal lip to lip kiss, but escalates as soon as you allow in someone to touch your tongue with theirs. It is a feel-good factor for both the parties and it keeps you comfortable. Kisses release endorphin and reduce levels of stress on both ends. This kind of kiss is known as lover’s kiss!

French Kiss

7. Kissing the neck

Kissing on the neck gives a tickling feeling to both men and women. It is one of the senses that gets them aroused and can lead to passionate sex. It is also cute and most people love getting and giving kisses on the neck.

How to do?

In this case, you kiss the backside of your partner’s neck. It is a type of affection kiss that builds up the further process. Neck kisses give a romantic feeling and most people want to try it with their partners.

Neck kisses indicate that you want to know more about your partner. It shows affections, passion, and brings in a romantic vibe.

Neck kiss

8. Earlobe kiss

Earlobes are yet another place where you would get a tickling feeling. Most people start by kissing it but end up biting it. Biting the earlobes can get both men and women aroused. It is sensation that puts an effect on your sexual organ.

How to do?

Earlobe kisses are romantic and you got to try it when you’re kissing all over the face. It creates a sense of affection and also shows how you feel for them. Earlobes also give out a feel-good factor and is similar to physically touching your partner. It is considered a passionate kiss and can lead to a great time in bed.

earlobe kiss

9. Shoulder kisses

Imagine when you’re kissing a person’s body and you go through the places where they feel tickled. It will just oomph up the situation and make your partner want more of it. Shoulder kisses probably mean that your partner has a bareback or you’re about to undress her. It brings in a sense of what is going to happen next and keeps the excitement alive.

How to do?

Shoulders kisses are a step to take when you moving from the first base to the second. Just like the neck, even shoulder kisses make you tickled. It is soft yet sensual and simply sets in the mood.

shoulder kiss

10. Kisses on the back

Now back is yet another place where you get a tingling feeling. Imagine you being on top of your partner and giving her back kisses. It will not only make her body tickle but you will also have exerted a pressure on her that limits moving. It brings in a sense of passion and sets the mood right.

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How to do?

You can’t give back kisses while having clothes on. It simply pushes you towards the second base where you slowly get closer to the person you love. Back kisses are not just for love and passion, but it also shows affection and fondness. You should do more of it every time you want to set the mood right.

back kisses

11. Kissing inside the wrist

Wrist kisses are a part of a few cultural traditions to show respect. The person showing respect kisses on top of the wrist in a gently manner.

How to do?

Just like hand kisses, you can also give wrist kisses. You just need to turn the person’s hand and do it like a hand kiss. It is a way of complimenting someone’s beauty and grace.

wrist kisses

12. Jaw kisses

Have you ever kisses someone’s jawline? No? You should definitely try it. Kissing on the jaw is usually done by couples who are used to each other’s body and have that kind of comfort. It is a firm kiss where neck meets the jaw. People who kiss on each other’s jawline are definitely very close to each other. It can be an erotic kiss or lead to somewhere better.

How to do?

Kissing the jaw is like kissing the lips but not everyone likes to do it or thinks about doing it. It can act like an indirect compliment that brings out their charm. It is a type of passionate kiss that usually lovers do to each other.

jawline kiss

13. Finger kisses

Kissing on the lips and then putting one into your mouth indicates sexual moves. You got to be on the process to know what that is and how it feels. If you’re in the state when you about to have sex, you will want to make such passionate moves.

How to do?

Kissing on the fingers are like kissing through every body part. But your intention might be different when you’re at those. It brings in a great sense of romance, sensuality, and builds up the mood to have some great time in bed.

finger kiss

14. Air kiss

Air kiss or flying kisses are a type of kiss that people give to other people as a gesture to greet. It can be shared among friends and families. There can be two types of air kisses. One is when you’re greeting someone cheek to cheek to say hello or when your giving out a flying kiss by using your hands.

How to do?

Air kisses are shared when someone you know meets you and stick your cheek towards their cheek and pass an air kiss. It doesn’t touch the cheek, but you just make the noise to complete the gesture.

If you give a flying kiss, you will use your hands, kiss on it, and blow it towards the person you want to kiss. Even this is done among friends or when you want to greet someone or say goodbye.

Air kiss

15. Kissing on the eyes

One of the best kisses to show affection and respect is eye kisses. Here, you place your lips on your partner’s eyes gently and make them feel loved.

How to do?

When you’re kissing your partner on his/her face, you wouldn’t want to miss out on any part of it. When you’re about to kiss their eyes, they will close it and you can place your lips on it. The gestures show respect and love, and is often done to say bye or wake someone up from sleep.

eye kiss

16. Elbow kiss

You might not have tried or known that this existed but yes, there is something called an elbow kiss. Here, people who are in a romantic relation perform such kisses for each other.

How to do?

If you’re kissing someone on their shoulders and going down their hands. You might come across the elbows that you want to kiss. This is yet another part of the body that people want to be kissed at, as it gives them a sense of sensuality and builds the mood.

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