Do Vitamins Help With The Relief Of Nerve Pain?

Do Vitamins Help With The Relief Of Nerve Pain?

Nerve pain is a common problem for people that have various complications, especially to those who have diabetes. It can be quite distressing and is most likely to lead to discomfort. Therefore, it would help if you consult a professional physician who will help you cope with the pain. In most cases, you are given medication to help you relieve the pain fast. The most common question people ask is whether vitamins help to ease nerve pain. Well, there are specific vitamins that can help a patient who is suffering from neuropathy. You only require a trained doctor to guide you on the right dosage. This way, you will have an easy time recovering from neuropathy. Here are some vitamins that help relieve nerve pain:

1)  B-Vitamins

Any patient who suffers from nerve pain can have a hard time since it makes your body weaker and soar. This disease has been linked to many conditions that can accelerate its spreading to the hands and feet. You can check out Nerve Pain Remedies, where you could get guidance on the best supplements and vitamins that you can take to relieve pain. Once a patient lacks enough B-vitamins, he or she may suffer from a lack of sensation and weak muscles. This way, the movement will be hard due to the pain. However, increasing your intake of B-vitamins will help prevent such complications. It also helps people suffering from diabetes by preventing any damage to the vital organs like the kidney.

2) Benfotiamine

Neuropathy can be a generative condition that requires maximum attention. With the right dosage, it is easy to reduce its progress on the body. In this case, Benfotiamine, also known as Thiamine, is a type of vitamin that helps in preventing any extra damages to the nerves. It also helps in reducing nerve inflammation and pain. This way, you will have no complications with your nerves as a patient. Thiamine is a natural medication that has proven to heal other diseases similar to nerve pain. However, you require the doctor’s prescription for any daily dosage.

3) Vitamin B6

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Poor eating habits can accelerate the rate at which nerve pain spreads in the body. Taking food rich in nutrients like vitamins can help control the amount of pain you feel. Neuropathy is a problem that lowers your performance since it makes your body weak. Vitamin B-6 helps in covering the ends of the nerve to avoid any further peripheral damage. However, taking large amounts can cause additional damages to the nerve resulting in nerve pain. The doctor will guide on the amount of dosage that you should take to avoid exceeding. This is highly determined by the condition you have as a patient.

4)  Vitamin B12

Many have doubted the positive effect vitamins can do to your body. They play a significant role in ensuring the body has a strong immune system that can help in fighting diseases. Vitamin B12 is commonly found in animal products, and it helps in healing the nerves. This is through research carried out. People who have a deficiency in vitamin B12 have a high chance of experiencing nerve pain. This way, you are advised to take proper amounts of vitamin B12 to avoid any complication that can lead to permanent nerve damage.

5)  Alpha Lipoic Acid

ALA is an antioxidant that helps in preventing nerve pain caused by high levels of blood sugar in the body. It is commonly used as a painkiller by people who suffer from neuropathy. Here, you require a doctor to examine your condition so that he or she can determine the best dosage that can help relieve the pain. Nerve pain can progress if untreated causing severe damages to the vital organs. ALA is an antioxidant that has been linked into covering the nerve ends as well as ensuring no further damage occurs to the nerves.

6) Vitamin D

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In most cases, people are rarely exposed to sunlight due to their busy days in the office or at home. This can be a threat to the lack of vitamin D, which is provided by the sunlight. A deficiency in vitamin D has been linked to diabetic neuropathy. This condition mostly affects the hands and legs where they become weak and lose sensation. It is essential that you be exposed to sunlight since it can help you gain more vitamin D. However, this should not be a bother since you can quickly get them through supplementation prescribed by the physician. This has proven to reduce any nerve pain that may affect the patient.

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