Do You Qualify for the Personal Injury Lawsuit Loan?

Do You Qualify for the Personal Injury Lawsuit Loan?

Unfortunately, accidents happen all the time. According to data, Americans come to emergency room 39 million times every year because of accidents-related injuries. If you suffered due to careless or reckless action of someone else, you may be eligible to receive financial compensation through a personal injury claim. Sadly, even if you’re 100% right and qualified, it can take much time to reach a settlement, in this case, so you will still be burdened financially. That’s why it’s so important to get professional help to guide you through the process. Make sure you do proper research, though, as, according to the experts from, applying to too many places, may slow everything down.

Make sure your case is strong

Have you already tried applying but got turned down or approved for less? Do you wonder why and if everything is lost now?

It’s important to remember that if one company refused to fund your case type, it doesn’t mean that it’s not a strong one – there may be many other reasons (internal). There are few states and types that may seem problematic to the funders and not all of them will approve – there are no rules as to which so sometimes all you can do is try, but be sure to warn them about your atypical situation.

Know your case

It does matter whether you had a car accident in Florida or a slip and fall in California; you can check online statistics about what lawsuits have settled for in the past so you will be able to estimate how much money you can get, and whether your funder is telling you the truth or if you should look for another. Plus, you should know as much as you can about your specific case – the injury may be the same but every situation is different. Maybe there were more people involved in the accident, or your surgery was more complicated and the hospital needed to be paid – there are many factors affecting the outcome so if you get less than you thought you would, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a funder doesn’t like your case.

Why should you apply?

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Most loan providers enable you to apply for a personal injury lawsuit loan for free. A lot of cases last months or even years before they settle, so it’s very likely that, if something happens to you, you will need financial help on the way.


  • It’s simple. It’s not hard to find a provider who won’t require any financial history, credit checks, upfront fees or employment confirmation. You will only have to present them with a strong case, that is to document that you are a victim and you had no influence over the course of an accident.
  • It’s quick. It doesn’t matter how much you or your closed one suffers – the bills will come and you will have to pay them on time; mortgage, rent payments, medical bills, energy bills, etc. That’s why most loan providers ensure a quick qualification for a pre-settlement (24 hours). 
  • There’s no risk. There are providers who won’t charge you if you lose a case so there’s no risk that you will get stuck with a loan you cannot pay off, there are those who will charge only a small fee. So you only pay if you win and actually have the money to pay.
  • It’s necessary. While the case is still not settled, personal injury laws loans can help you manage financially and protect you from any severe financial consequences, so that you can focus on your claim. It’s not only about you – you probably have a family that needs to go on, too.
  • It’s beneficial. Thanks to the help of people who know what they’re doing, you will avoid falling victim to manipulators. Insurance companies tend to go for lower settlement amounts and a lot of people agree only to get any money. You don’t need to do that, especially if your case is strong.


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It’s important to try several sources – don’t put all your trust into one person or entity. Your attorney may be wrong, as well as your funder, so it’s good to find the information yourself. You will be both ready to fight in case someone will try to rip you off, but also realistic about what you may get.

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