Double Download Speeds With These 5 Download Managers

Double Download Speeds With These 5 Download Managers

Every one of us can use a speed bump in our downloads. Internet use for the past couple of years has seen a major rise, with more and more people downloading stuff – from photos, videos, music, software, and etc. In this article, we’ve collated five of the best download managers that anyone can get to make downloading files easier and faster:

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Internet Download Manager

A veteran among the list, Internet Download Manager manages your downloads into one organized list, keeps your Internet speeds unaffected while downloading huge files, and cuts the regular download time into half. When compared to the default download managers of Chrome and Safari, Internet Download Manager is more intuitive, with fewer distractions, and better management.

One of the many features that the app has is its support for proxies, which means that it can download content from different sources provided you have the source. It also has support for video-hosting sites so you can automatically download your favorite videos right on the page itself. Want to download videos off Youtube just by watching the said video? IDM is your guy, and that’s why it’s arguably the best internet download manager.

Ninja Download Manager

Available for both Windows and Mac, Ninja Download Manager is a simple, straightforward, and powerful download client app that takes care of your downloads in one list. It’s free to download, but you’d need to have a subscription, depending on how many devices you are planning to install on it.

NDM is one of the faster download managers, offering speed bumps up to 20x the regular ones. It does this by utilizing several connections and using them simultaneously. You can also effectively pause and restart your downloads, add a file for advanced downloading, and many more. Oh, and did we mention you can also decide on your download priorities?

Download Accelerator Plus

Another speed monster of a download manager, Download Accelerator Plus, lets you enjoy lightning-fast download speeds, with previews for video thrown in there too. It’s a free app that you can download on both major operating systems, but after your trial, you’d need to buy the whole thing. But for the price of three Starbucks coffee, we say it’s worth it.

DAP isn’t just a download manager; it’s also a converter for videos, which you may find very helpful when downloading Youtube videos, or videos which were originally uploaded in an obsolete format. You can also convert videos just to sound files if that’s your jam. Security is top-notch with this download client, so you don’t have to worry about privacy issues.


An exclusive download manager for Mac OS users, Folx is one of a kind because it follows the native look of the operating system. Under the hood, it’s no slouch either. One of the most remarkable things about the app is that it can divide a download into two threads in order to download it faster. After that, it then warps these two downloads into a single file. Nifty, huh?

It can also automatically resume paused downloads, without breaking the already-downloaded file. The Pro version of Folx is a great torrent finder substitute, so if you are into torrenting large files, you can just go to the app and enter your keywords, and the app will search the torrent file for you.


Arguably the most versatile among the bunch, JDownloader boasts of its massive developer community. That’s why it’s free and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is originally written in Java, with the community working together to improve it consistently. One of its more powerful features is auto-extraction of files. 

Aside from the usual features that one can expect in a download manager, JDownloader also lets you set up bandwidth limitations, pause and restart downloads without damaging the file, and the ability to extend the framework in order to organize downloads effectively. The best part? JDownloader will forever be free.


Managing your downloads is now made easier because of these download managers. You never have to check your downloads every now and then worrying about automatic stoppage because of slow and unreliable internet speeds. Get one or two of these apps listed, test drive them, and see for yourself what the fuss is all about!

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