Dwayne Johnson’s Net Worth – His Struggles and Career in Acting

Dwayne Johnson’s Net Worth – His Struggles and Career in Acting

Dwayne Douglas Johnson was born on 2 May, 1972, in Hayward, Alameda in California. Famous all across the world by his wrestling name ‘The Rock’, Johnson is today the highest paid actor in the world with a net worth of $325 million. The wrestler turned actor has been successful in both the industries, though it took him great struggle and hard work to reach at this reputed position. This blog is about Dwayne Johnson’s net worth, his career, struggles and success story.

He was a football player while studying at the University of Miami. Here, he helped his team own the national championship in the year 1991. When he debuted in the rings in the year 1996, he made a successful career as a professional wrestler. He has been awarded several world wrestling championships before trying his hands as an actor. His works and numbers are evident, he has done a great job in Hollywood as well. Let us look into his personal and professional life in detail.

His Early Life

Dwayne is the son of Rocky Johnson, a professional wrestler and Ata Johnson, who lived in the state of California. He has always been interested into wrestling, the genes being the reason as even his grandfather and grandmother were also professional wrestlers. Yes, he belonged to the family of WWE wrestlers!

Johnson had a normal childhood. He went to Richmond Road Primary School and further joined President William McKinley High School. He changed multiple schools and completed his high school at Freedom High School. After graduating from high school, Johnson received a scholarship to the University of Miami. He pursued Bachelor of General Studies with criminology and physiology as his main subjects.

The now 47-years old actor, had married twice, once in 2001 to Dany Garcia and later in 2019, with his long-term girlfriend Lauren Hashian. He has a daughter with his first wife Dany Garcia and one daughter with Lauren named Jasmine. Dwayne is 1.96m tall and weighs 118kg.

His Career

Johnson has been one of the most successful celebrities in the world. He started with a career in wrestling, in which he continued for almost 20 years and then switched to acting. As an actor, he has also attained great recognition in the industry.

It was after two years from joining wrestling or WWF, Johnson tasted success by winning the championship. He has bagged 17 championships, which include five WWF Tag Team Championships, two WWF Intercontinental Championships and ten world heavyweight championships. In 2000, he was also the winner of Royal Rumble.

His career in wrestling

By now you know that The Rock comes from a family of popular professional wrestlers, right from his grandfather, his father, uncles Sika Anoi and Afa who were called The Wild Samoans. Some other names of wrestlers from his family include Rikishi, Yokozunga and Umaga. It was only after his father trained him that his wrestling career kicked off. After several months of training, he started winning matches and signed a contract with WWF.

His debut in WWF was against Brooklyn Brawler in Texas. Post a few matches, he was a part of a tag team with the Bart Sawyer of WWF and he was signed as Flex Kavana, his first wrestling name given by WWF. After a year, he became a part of The Nation of Domination, eventually gaining the leadership and becoming The Rock.

Later, he joined a band of elite wrestlers called The Corporation and got into a feud with Steve Austin. Also called ‘The People’s Champ’, Johnson or The Rock continued winning WWF/WWE matches, bagging 17 championships in his entire career.

Dwayne Johnson WWE

At WWF which was later named WWE, Johnson was recognized by several names such as “The Great One”, “The Brahma Bull”, “Rocky”, “The Poeple’s Champion” and others. Throughout his career, he fought and defeated many popular wrestlers of his time such as Bre Hart, The Sultan, Mankind, Edge, Rikishi, Booker T, Stone Cold, Steve Austin, John Cena, Triple H, The Sultan, Shane McMahon and others.

He moved into the acting industry in 1999 and attained great success. He is still a big name in Hollywood. However, he returned to wrestling in between, once with an appearance in 2014 with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania 30.

His career in acting

Dwayne Johnson has become a successful actor after moving away from the wrestling ring. He has been part of some successful movies like Walking Tall, Get Smart, The Scorpion King, Gridiron Gang, The Rundown, Planet 51, The Other Guys, Fast Six, Fast Five, Doon, The Game Plan, Be Cool, Race to Witch Mountain, Faster, Tooth Fairy, The Other Guys and more. The actor has made to Time 100 Most Influential People in the World list in both 2019 and 2016.

Here are all the details on his film career

His debut in “The Scorpion King” and other initial movies

When he decided to launch himself in the acting industry or Hollywood, he gave up his wrestling name and went by his birth name, Dwayne Johnson. His first appearance as an actor was in The Scorpion King. He played a supernatural bad guy. The movie was a blockbuster, earning $165 million on a budget of $60 million. His first success made his trail forward with The Mummy Returns in 2001. He also tried doing some comedy in films like Be Cool in 2005 with John Travolta and The Game Plan in 2007 with Uma Thurman.

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“Driver” and his “Fast & Furious” Franchise

Dwayne Johnson fast and furious

His acting career moved on with his impressive appearances in movies like Driver in 2010 and being a part of the ever popular Franchise of Fast & Furious! He bagged a role in Fast and Furious 6 in 2013. In the year 2014, he pilled out the role of a titular strong man in the movie Hercules.

HBO’s “Ballers”

Johnson continued to dominate the silver screen with two big-budget action films in 2015. He appeared in the Furious Seven and San Andreas. Johnson also made a debut in dramatic comedy series “Ballers” on HBO in 2015. He played Spencer Strasmore, who was a retired pro footballer turned financial planner.

“Moana”, “Central Intelligence”, “Baywatch” and ”Jumanji”

In the year 2016, he teamed up with Kevin Hart for Central Intelligence, his action-comedy. He gave his voice for a Disney character Maui, the demigod of the animated film Moana. It was a hit! He was quite a busy man the following year as he started taking bigger roles in movies like The Fate of the Furious. He played an important role in the big-screen adaptation of the lifeguard series of 1990s, Baywatch with the Global Sensation Priyanka Chopra.

“Skyscraper”,”Rampage” and “Hobbs & Shaw”

After all these successful films, there was no looking back. His acting career kept swaying with hits after hits. Jumanji entered 2018 racking up its ticket sales. It became Johnson’s highest-grossing film till date. He was also part of advertisements alongside the Super Bowl in February, 2018. It was a debut of the Skyscraper trailer. He played a man who participates in death-defying stunts with his prosthetic leg.

During the advertisement, he also announced about hosting The Titan Games, a 10-episode unscripted competition show. The show’s motive was to create a platform that gave common people an opportunity to change their lives and involve in something extraordinary.

The action star’s next project was “Rampage”, a movie based on the 1980’s popular arcade game. It hit the theaters just a dew months prior to the release of Skyscraper.

In 2019, Dwayne was seen coming back to his wrestling roots by playing himself in “Fighting With My Family”. It is a movie based on the real story of Saraya “Paige” Belvis. Later in 2019, he was sen back into action with Hobbs & Shaw, the Fast & Furious Spinoff with Jason Statham.

Awards and Achievements

Dwayne Douglas Johnson has not just build a fine reputation in wrestling but has also become a successful star in Hollywood. He has been acclaimed for his performances both on the silver screen and in the ring. He has received several awards for wrestling, which includes 2 WWF International Championship, 8 combined WWF/WWE Championship, Wrestler of the Year 2000, 5 WWF Tag Team Championship and other world championships.

Talking about his filmography achievements, Johnson has bagged several awards and honors such as Mr. Olympia ICON Award in 2016, Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2017, 2 Kid’s Choice Awards, 2 Teen Choice Awards and various other awards and nominations.

His Personal Life

Dwayne Johnson lived with his parents in Miami and completed his school and college there. He met Dany Garcia, his first wife at University of Miami, where he pursued Bachelors in General Studies. The couple dated for many years before getting hitched in 1997. They have a daughter together. However, the marriage didn’t work out well and they divorced in 2007. It was a mutual split between two people without indulging into any kind of drama. Later, he started dating Lauren Hashian, whom he met on The Game Plan set. The two got married privately in 20019 in Hawaii. They have two children together.

Dwayne Johnson with wife

Dwayne owns several houses and has a large property at different places. He lived in his Florida home till 2014. He has a home in Los Angeles, California and owns a farm in Virginia. Johnson got Canadian Citizenship in the year 2009. He was registered as a Republican when he voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 and 2012 U.S. Presidential Elections. He did not vote back in 2016 and is an independent voter since 2017.

Being a descendant of Samoan chiefs and doing great service for the Samoan people, Malietoa Tanumafili gave Johnson the noble title of Seiuli during his visit in the year 2014. In 2003, Johnson got a partial Samoan pe’a tattoo on the left side. In 2017, he got another tattoo of the ‘Brahma Bull’ on his right arm which is covered with another larger tattoo of the skull of a bull.

Recently in February 2020, the WWE announced that Simone, Johnson’ s daughter has begun her training at the WWE Performance Center. She will be the first-ever-fourth-generation WWE Superstar.

Dwayne Johnson's Daughter

His struggle with depression

In the year 2018, Dwayne Johnson finally opened up about his struggles with depression when her mother attempted suicide when he was only 14 years old.

In an interview to ‘The Express’, Dwayne revealed how he and his family were evicted from their apartment in Hawaii. His mother once pulled over the car in Nashville and walk into the traffic. Johnson recalled how he was able to grab her and get her back on to the gravel shoulder.

He recalled, “What’s crazy about that suicide attempt is that to this day, she has no recollection of it, whatsoever. Probably best she doesn’t.”

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It was not long after his dreams of becoming a professional football player in the NFL were crushed, his girlfriend broke up with him. It was during this time when his CFL career ended, only in a year. This was the time when he was shattered, feeling depressed to bits.

He told Express, “I reached a point where I didn’t want to do a thing or go anywhere. I was crying constantly.”

After his interview and the positive responses from his loving fans, Johnson tweeted, “We all go thru the sludge/shit and depression never discriminates. Took me a long time to realize it but the key is to not be afraid to open up. Especially us dudes have a tendency to keep it in. You’re not alone.”

His philanthropy and activism

Dwayne has been an activist and shown interest in charity work. He attended the 2000 Democratic National Convention, being a part of “”Smackdown Your Vote” campaign by WWE. The campaign aimed to convince and influence young generation to vote. In the same year, he also played the role of a speaker at the 2000 Republican National Convention.

He is the founder of Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation established in 2006 that helps kids at the risk of sickness and ones who are terminally sick. On 2 October, 2007, he donated $1 million to his university, the University of Miami for the renovation of their football facilities. He is the only person who have ever made such big contribution to the University. He loves and cares about animals. In the year 2015, Dwayne donated $1500 for abandoned dogs to a GoFundMe organization. Dwayne joined hands with the NGO Malama Kaua after the terrific hurricane in Hawaii in 2018 and helped in repairing the damaged houses. In the same year, Johnson donated a gym to the military base in Oahu, Hawaii. He has also been a working member of the Make-A-Wish Foundation on several occasions.

His Other Works

Dwayne Johnson or The Rock has been into various sponsorship and had different ventures that got him both name and fame., In the year 2000, he wrote his autobiography, which titled “The Rock says”. He co-wrote the book with Joe Layden. The book was no.1 debut on The New York Times Best Seller List. It remained at this position several weeks. In 2012, he founded Seven Bucks Productions, his production company.

He has been the host and producer of The Hero, a TNT reality competition in 2013. In the year 2014, he was seen as the host of another reality series by TNT named Wake Up Call“. In the year 2019, he began hosting the 10-episode unscripted NBC reality competition, “The Titan Games”.

Talking about his partnership ventures, He got the partnership with Under Armous, the American fitness apparel manufacturer to release ‘Project Rock’. The first item after his partnership with Under Armour was a gym bag. It was sold out in just a couple of days. The next was a black tee displaying his signature ‘Brahma Bull’. It was sold out after he wore it at the WrestleMania 32. He has also released an alarm clock app, which was a part of the ‘Project Rock’. The app received over 1 million downloads right through its first week. They have released several items since then, such as, headphones, sneakers and other types of apparels.

Youtube Channel and Bodybuilding Show

In the year 2016, Johnson started a YouTube channel named “The Rock” with the help of Lilly Singh, a famous online personality. His first ever YouTube video was ‘The YouTube Factory’. It featured many internet stars.

In the year 2019, Johnson announced the launch of his competitive bodybuilding show. This venture was with his ex-wife and business partner, Dany Garcia called ‘Athleticon’. Set to rival their other bodybuilding shows such as Joe Weider’s Mr. Olympia and The Arnold Classic. The goal is to set a debut show on October 9-11, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dwауnе Јоhnѕоn Nеt Wоrth

As of March 2020, The Rock or Dwayne Douglas Johnson’s net worth is valued at $350 million. He is recognized as the highest paid actor of the world with an annual salary of $80 million. Most of the income in his net worth is from movies as he commands figures upfront fees.

His debut in The Scorpion King got him $5.5 million, which was the highest for any debut star in Hollywood. He earned #32.6 million in Fast Five and his other hits like Jumanji and Baywatch garnered him around $64 million in the year 2016. Other movies that got him good amount of money include Fast and Furious that made over #3 billion. To add to his net worth is also the millions of dollars he bagged through his career in WWE. He also earns a good deal of money through his various sponsorship.


Having a net worth of $350 million and a few films in his kitty to be released in 2020 and 2021. Some of the movies include Doc Savage, Red Notice and San Andreas 2 in 2020 and Black Adam in 2021. Even though he couldn’t make it as a professional footballer, he has earned name and fame in both wrestling and acting industry. He has made his name on top of the walls of the greatest wrestlers of the world. Today, he is a shining star in the Hollywood industry with some big movies of his career. Moreover, he could be the President of United States of America by 2020, only if the citizens choose him.


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