Electric Vs Manual Brushes: Is There Really A Difference In Cleaning Power?

Electric Vs Manual Brushes: Is There Really A Difference In Cleaning Power?

When looking into a number of toothbrushes on the market, there are a number of us that often wonder what the differences are between an electric and a manual brush when it comes to the clean that you get. Whether this is down to the brush head or the overall shape of the brush, this can all affect the cleaning power that you have. In this article, we will be looking into which is better for you, a manual or electric brush.

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Electric Brushes

Ease Of Use

One of the biggest benefits to electric toothbrushes is the ease of use that comes along with it. With a 2-minute timer as well as a brush head that rotates to sweep away food and harmful bacteria this provides a deeper clean than a manual brush without causing damage to the gums or teeth. Though an electric brush is recommended by dentist in Finchley services as well as other dentists up and down the country, there is no denying that they are also easier to use.  In addition to this, the brush can be charged on a stand to provide the brushing power that you need every time you go to brush.

Superior Plaque Removal

Due to the brush head that rotates around the tooth, plaque removal takes place around the whole tooth. Whether it is the front of the back teeth the spinning brush head targets every small gap in the teeth for a deep clean that lasts throughout the day. This is much better than a manual brush as you can clean all the teeth without applying to much pressure to the teeth as this can lead to bleeding gums. With an electric brush, you are eliminating this issue whilst removing all the plaque from the screen.

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Pressure Sensors For Optimum Cleaning

In addition to the round brush head, a number of electric brushes also come equipped with a large amount of technology to help achieve the best possible clean. One of the biggest benefits to an electric brush is the pressure sensors. This helps you to ensure you are not causing damage to the teeth and gums by regulating the pressure you are applying when brushing.

Manual Brushes

Though electric brushes are great for those looking for a deep clean, manual brushes are certainly the more affordable option. Below are some of the reasons why manual brushes are much more popular than electric brushes.

Affordable Option

Manual brushes are much more affordable than electric brushes and can be purchased from almost anywhere. This is what makes them so popular as they can be purchased cheaply and are not very expensive to replace after a 3-month period. They also come in a wide range of different characters allowing you to make brushing fun for your children.

More Accessible

In addition to them being the more affordable option in a number of cases, they are also the more accessible option. Whether you are purchasing them at the chemist, local supermarket or even the local garage, you can purchase a toothbrush at an affordable price almost anywhere. It is also important to have your regular routine check-ups with the Dentist in Seattle to maintain strong, healthy teeth.

With this in mind, there are a number of major differences between the cleaning power of a manual and electric toothbrush, making the electric toothbrush a worthwhile option for you due to Bluetooth connectivity and other technologies to help you achieve the ideal deep clean. Which will you choose?

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