“Azati Prime”
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after any escaping humans and to destroy any outposts or colonies. A call comes in. It is a message for the Reptilian. A Reptilian soldier tells the Commander they’ve lost contact with the lunar outpost. The Reptilian tells him to send out a patrol and leaves. Degra is upset. He regrets what they have to do as he knows they will kill innocents and children.

Archer is trying out the controls of the Xindi shuttle. Travis is helping him learn to pilot the vessel. Travis wonders why Archer wants to go. He tells Archer: “You’re the least expendable man on Enterprise. Why are you doing this?” Archer feels remorse at having killed the Xindi at the lunar station and of having to have Sim killed (“Similitude”). He tells Travis: “…I won’t order anyone else to die.”

Archer brings Porthos to Sick Bay and tells Phlox to give him cheese “every now and then.”

Archer says his goodbyes to the crew and hopes they will go back to exploring after their mission is over. He takes off in the Insectoid shuttle.

T’Pol goes to the Captain’s ready room. She is crying.

Archer gets to the planet and goes underwater. He arrives at the coordinates of the weapon but it’s gone. He is contacted by a patrol ship who tells him: “Unauthorized vessel, power down immediatelly.” Archer ignores it. They fire at Archer’s vessel.

Trip visits T’Pol in the ready room. They are all waiting for the explosion but it’s been two hours and nothing has happened. Trip tells her she should be on the Bridge and that: “…You’re in command now. The crew needs to know you’re on top of things and it doesn’t help if you’re holed up in here.” She snaps: “I don’t need any leadership advice.” He replies: “I’m just trying to help.” She dismisses him and as he doesn’t leave she tells him: “Get out.”

Meanwhile, Archer has been captured and is being interrogated and tortured by the Xindi-Reptilian Commander. The Reptilian wants to know if there are other Earth ships in the Expanse. Archer replies: “I wish I could help you but my superiors keep me in the dark about these things.” The Reptilian punches him and asks: “Is this a preemptive strike?” Archer insults him. He tells Archer that he is surprised at how “resilient” humans are and tells him that Xindi-Primates are not as strong. He tells him that is why the Reptilians are the ones used “when force must be applied” and that it was one of his men that he had personally picked for the first attack. He brags that the “cold-blooded” are superior. Archer taunts him by saying that Reptilians on Earth once ruled the world but that an asteroid destroyed them. He goes on that they might have prevailed but that they had: “brains the size of a walnut. That’s very small. Apparently, it’s a constant in the universe.” The Reptilian commander holds back his anger and asks again about the Earth vessels. Archer continues: “The reptiles didn’t all die out. Some evolved into snakes, alligators, turtles. As a matter of fact, one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco makes a wonderful turtle soup. You should try it some time if

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