“Azati Prime”
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you’re ever in the area.” The Reptilian grabs Archer by the throat and tells him: “You want me to kill you.” Archer replies: “Just making conversation.” The Reptilian tells Archer: “We know exactly where your ship is.” He tells Archer that he will “dispatch a squadron” if he doesn’t tell him what he wants to know. Archer tells him he will talk but only to Degra. He mentions Degra’s third child by name, Trenia, and tells the Reptilian to tell Degra.

Back on the Enterprise, T’Pol and the others think that Archer has failed in his mission. Trip and Reed want to go in and destroy the weapon. T’Pol refuses and says the system is too heavily guarded. She suggests going in by herself in a shuttle. Being Vulcan, she may be able to talk to them. Reed tells her she’ll be captured or killed. She replies: “Perhaps, but at the moment, I don’t see an alternate course of action.”

Degra comes to talk to Archer. Degra wants to be alone with him so he asks the Reptilians to leave. Archer tells him about Trenia. He continues that what he’s been told about humans is a lie and tells him about the spheres. He tells him the transdimensional beings are the ones that destroy the Xindi. He adds that he’s been to the future and has seen it and tells him to take the medal Daniels gave him out of his pocket. Degra says it is an initiation medal. Archer tells him: “Have it quantum dated. The results will back me up.” Degra doesn’t believe it. Archer shouts at him: “If you destroy Earth, you won’t just be eliminating my species. You’ll be eliminating your own.”

On the Xindi ship, Degra, the other Primate and Arboreal from the Council are discussing what Archer has told Degra. They mention a woman and wonder whether she has been telling them the truth. Archer has also told Degra about the bio-weapon that the Reptilians were creating on Earth in the past (“Carpenter Street”). They conclude that the “woman” must have been secretly talking to the Reptilians. Degra mentions that the weapon has been moved and is ready to be deployed. The Arboreal suggests they tell the Aquatics about what they know but not the Council. The Primate is angry: “…The Council is fracturing. We can’t forget who the real enemy is.” Degra replies: “We may not know who the enemy is.”

Trip is talking to T’Pol, who is heading for the Launch Bay. She intends to go through with her plan. Trip accuses her of not really wanting to make peace with the Xindi but of wanting to save the Captain. She angrily tells him: “You have made your objections clear. Now return to the Bridge.” He tries to stop her and grabs her arm but she fights him and tells him to let her go. Reed contacts T’Pol and tells her four Xindi ships are approaching. She returns to the Bridge but Trip stays behind. They try hailing the Xindi but they don’t respond and start charging weapons.

Back on the Xindi ship, Archer has been unshackled and is talking to Degra, the Arboreal and the other Primate from the Council. He tells them that they should trust each other. The Primate responds: “You were captured with a ship that was armed with explosives. You’re asking for our trust?” Archer replies: “You’re building a weapon that could destroy my world. I had to try to stop you.” The primate tells Archer: “Now that your mission’s failed you want to

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