“Azati Prime”
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negotiate.” Archer tells them: “We’re both fighting the wrong enemy.” The Primate scoffs at the proof (the medal) that Archer has provided. Archer asks to speak to the Council.

Meanwhile, Enterprise is being attacked by the Xindis. Reed shouts: “We’ve lost hull plating.” Mayweather doesn’t have helm control. T’Pol contacts engineering. Trip contacts the Bridge to tell them that: “That last hit took out the Starboard nacelle. We’re dead in the water.” No one hears him as the com system is down. Mayweather is nearly killed when part of the ceiling falls down. The ship is being systematically destroyed.

The Reptilians return to the cell where Archer is being held. The Reptilian Commander orders that Archer be restrained. They want Degra and the others to leave. They point their pistols at them to force them to leave. The Reptilian Commander wants to take Archer to a “detention center for more questioning” and says: “If there are any survivors from his ship, they’ll join him.” Degra is angry that they have attacked the Earth ship. He wanted them to wait. The other Primate tells the Reptilian that he will assemble the Council but the Reptilian replies that: “By the time you do the Earth ship will be dust.”

Enterprise is taking quite a beating. There are hull breaches everywhere. In engineering a crewmember is on fire. Trip uses a fire extinguisher, puts out the fire and tells everyone to evacuate. We see bodies of crewmembers being blown out into space. The attack continues.

I found last week’s music in the “Hatchery” episode dull and tired albeit distinctly Enterprise’s. What a surprise we have this week. Jay Chattaway’s score is outstanding what with thundering drums and has definite movie-like qualities. It adds much to the suspense and tension throughout the episode. The visual effects are exemplary; from the underwater shots to the space battle. We also get to see the famous “man on fire” scene. I haven’t seen a burning man in a TV show or movie for a long time. I thought this was kind of quaint but it works well here. I also liked the scene of the bodies being blown out into space and how the ship is literally falling apart. Allan Kroeker’s direction is sharp from the pacing to the camera angles to the way the scenes are set up. He also brings out the best of the actors. The story is also engaging as is the dialogue. This is an excellent episode all around.

I love how the storyline is unfolding. We find out that it is the Sphere-Builders who are behind all this; that they are the ones who told the Xindi that Earth would destroy them in the future. Of course we know what the spheres are for now. Daniels’ return connects the Temporal Cold War to the equation and adds another dimension to the Xindi arc. Previous episodes that seemed to be stand alone or seemed like filler like last week’s “Hatchery” are all falling into place. It’s a great story so far and I can’t wait to see more.

Archer finally gets to talk to Degra and some of the Council members. It’s interesting that the Insectoid representative is not there. I suppose that it would have cost too much for the f/x?

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