“The Forgotten”
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Story by: Chris Black & David A. Goodman
Teleplay by: Chris Black & David A. Goodman
Directed by: LeVar Burton

After a series of flashbacks, we find Archer giving a speech to the crew. He thanks them and tells them to remember the 18 crewmembers who have died: “…We came into the Expanse not knowing what we’d find. With no one to rely on but ourselves. But we’re going to succeed…to accomplish our mission…for everyone on Earth who’s relying on us and for the 18.”

Trip informs Archer that they’ve found the bodies of two more dead crewmembers. T’Pol tells the captain that they’ve got forward phase cannons, aft torpedo launchers and that the hull plating is at 80%. Archer is satisfied they are ready to meet with Degra.

Archer asks Trip to write a letter to the family of one of the dead crewmen, Taylor. Trip complains about time since he is still busy with repairs but Archer insists. Trip complies.

T’Pol goes to Sick Bay to see Phlox. He examines her and finds that the Trellium-D in her bloodstream is virtually all gone. She is not having anymore withdrawal symptoms. She complains however that she is having trouble controlling her emotions. Phlox tells her that she damaged her neural pathways by injecting the Trellium and that she may have to live with the emotions. She is obviously distraught at the possibility.

The Enterprise arrives at the meeting place where they are to rendezvous with Degra. Unfortunately, they are in the middle of a spatial anomaly which start to affect the ship. Trip calls the Bridge to tell them: “This is not the best time for this!” Archer orders Travis to “get us out of here” when just then Degra’s ship appears. Degra calls and tells them to follow. He leads them to a Sphere and calls to tell Archer to come aboard his ship. Degra’s ship docks with Enterprise.

Degra and the Xindi Arboreal tell Archer that *they* ordered the attack stopped and the Aquatics to return him to the Enterprise since the Reptilians would have killed him. Archer notes that they obviously took some risks. Degra replies: “If you’re telling the truth, the future of my people is at stake.” While Degra seems to be on side with Archer, the Arboreal tells the Captain that the Council will need proof. He tells Archer: “Perhaps you can demonstrate your ability to time travel.” Archer replies that that would be difficult but asks them to come to the ship where he will show them all the proof they need. Before they go, Archer asks when the weapon will be launched. Degra replies that he show them the proof and that they will do everything they can to stop it from being deployed.

In what’s left of the Mess Hall, T’Pol gets some food. She goes to sit with Trip who is trying to

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