“The Forgotten”
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such a *lucid* dream encounter with her. The way it was shown seemed a bit unbelievable; a little too much reasoning going on, almost like as if he were conscious. Moreover, her death would have had more of an impact on us, the viewers, if we’d known her.

Bakula does a wonderful, understated take on Archer’s determination to prove his case to Degra and the Arboreal. Archer is a man with a mission and is thoroughly focused on the job at hand. He’s managed to convince Degra although it’s uncertain whether the Arboreal believes him.

Randy Oglesby does a great job as Degra although sometimes his words seem too forced; too practiced. Still, he does convey well the desperation of the character. Degra obviously doesn’t want to have to kill more people and is more than willing to believe Archer. Rick Worthy’s portrayal of the Arboreal is also noteworthy in that he comes off as willing to listen but also as wisely cautious. He’s not the most developed character and yet Worthy is able to give the character some dimension.

T’Pol’s recovery from her addiction is continuing. It has been and is still refreshing to see the characters develop like this. I love the fact that what happens to them is not resolved too quickly and continues to affect them in later episodes.

In a sense, this is a turning point for T’Pol as well. She will have to learn to live with her emotions. It leaves open some interesting development potential for the character and the fact that she is Vulcan makes it all the more interesting. Will she be able to maintain her Vulcan persona? The only other Vulcan we’ve seen succumb to emotions unwillingly is Sarek, Spock’s father, when he was dying in TNG’s “Unification, Part I”. Of course he had an illness which prevented him from being able to control his feelings but T’Pol in this case is just as vulnerable.

I give this one a B+. The + for the character development.

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