“The Council”
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Story by: Manny Coto
Teleplay by: Manny Coto
Directed by: David Livingston

After a series of flashbacks, we see what appears to be the trans-dimensional realm: a white, featureless, fog-like place. The Sphere-Builders are discussing the Xindi superweapon. One of the aliens is happy that the weapon is nearly ready to be launched. Another says: “The timelines don’t support that assessment.” The lines now show that Archer will succeed in preventing the deployment of the weapon. One of them tells the Sphere-Builder who appears to the Xindi to do something about it.

We see Degra’s ship and Enterprise. In Sick Bay, Phlox tells T’Pol that there is no Trellium left in her system. She complains that she is still experiencing difficulty with her emotions and the medication he has given her isn’t working. Trip comes in and asks how she is feeling. She says she has a mild headache and goes to leave. He says: “I thought Vulcans didn’t get headaches.” She leaves. Trip asks Phlox if he’s noticed “anything strange” about her lately. Phlox tells Trip that everyone has been affected by recent events. Trip tells Phlox he’s pulled a muscle. Phlox treats him. They discuss the meeting with Degra. Phlox thinks Degra is a “reasonable man.” Trip replies: “Reasonable? I don’t think many people back in my home town would go along with that.”

In the Command Centre, T’Pol is telling Degra what they know about the Spheres. She tells Degra: “The Spheres are controlled by a network of artificial intelligence.” She explains that within the Sphere is a memory core which may contain information. Archer adds that he hopes they’ll find out more about the Sphere-Builders. T’Pol tells Degra that their course will bring them near a Sphere. Archer adds that he’s going to send a crew in a shuttlepod to investigate the interior. They ask Degra if he has any info on the outer shells of the Spheres. He says he’ll have whatever he has in his database sent over.

In the armory, Reed talks to Corporal Hawkins. He wants him on the away team that will investigate the Sphere as he has had experience working in EV suits and has EV combat experience.

The shuttlepod leaves with T’Pol, Reed, Hawkins and with Mayweather at the helm.

Back on the Xindi ship, Degra tells one of his officers to compile and send the info on the Spheres when it is ready. The Sphere-Builder appears. Degra dismisses the officer who doesn’t leave till the alien nods in approval. He leaves. She tells Degra: “You’ve turned away from us. Come back.” He tells her he can’t. She suggests that he is in “turmoil” because of what he is doing. He tells her he doesn’t regret anything. She tells him: “The Xindi are destined to become a great civilization” and that that’s why they’ve spent so much time helping them. She

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