“The Council”
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goes on that he is jeopardizing everything. She adds that he would be venerated in the future but that instead he has “chosen the role of betrayer.” She asks: “What have we done to lose your faith?” He replies angrily: “You never deserved my faith.”

In Archer’s Ready Room, Degra tells the Captain that he understands that the Sphere-Builders have lied to the Xindi. He’s having doubts that the other Xindi will believe it save perhaps the Arboreals. Archer tells him they have the evidence. Degra counters that it might not be enough. He continues that the Sphere-Builders helped guide the Xindi after their “homeworld was destroyed” and that “they are practically worshipped.” The Xindi call them the “Guardians.” Archer replies: “It’s no wonder you had a hard time accepting this.” Archer mentions that he’s faced a Klingon Tribunal before and he “can handle a tough room.” Degra reminds him that the Klingons didn’t want to destroy Earth. Degra tells him he will stand by him when they meet with the Council. Hoshi calls Archer. There are Xindi ships approaching. Degra tells Archer they are there to help protect the Enterprise.

Degra and Archer are walking down a corridor. Degra is returning to his ship. Archer asks if there’s anything else he should know. Degra tells him about the Council members. Jannar, the Arboreal, is a scientist and a friend. The Aquatics are headed by Kiaphet Amman’sor. She is from a wealthy family and has much influence on the Council. Aquatics are very slow to make decisions as they consider *all* the details. The Insectoids’ “names grow longer the older they get so they become a little difficult to pronounce.” Unlike the Aquatics, they make decisions quickly. The Reptilians are led by Commander Dolim (name given at Startrek.com but in Closed Captions the name is Dolum). He had his disabled grandson poisoned because he would not be able to join the military.

On the Reptilian ship, we find Dolim reclined on a chair with several heat or sun lamps overhead. One of his officers comes in and tells him they have found debris from the ship they sent to locate Degra. He continues that it was attacked. Another officer calls to tell Dolim that ships are approaching and one of them is the Earth ship.

We see the ships approaching. Dolim wants the “lead ship” contacted. It is Degra’s ship. Dolim tells Degra: “I was just thinking of you. How many prisoners have you taken?” Degra replies that they “are escorting Enterprise to the Council.” Dolim asks: “For what purpose?” Degra tells him: “Power down your weapons and withdraw.” Dolim replies: “What makes you think I would let you bring an enemy ship into a security zone?” Degra: “Power down your weapons now!” Dolim: “I don’t take orders from you.” Degra nods to one of his officers. A torpedo explodes off the port bow of the Reptilian ship. Dolim: “You would fire on a Xindi vessel?” Degra: “We’re prepared to destroy your vessel if necessary.” Dolim prepares to fight. Degra tells him: “You’re outnumbered and outgunned. There’s no need for this. I assure you the Earth ship poses no danger.” Dolim backs down and is seething with anger. He tells Degra: “I’ll see you in the Council chamber.”

Meanwhile, the shuttlepod with T’Pol, Reed, Mayweather and the MACO Hawkins enter the

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