“The Council”
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cloaking barrier around the Sphere. They head for it.

Back on Enterprise, Archer and Hoshi leave to go to Degra’s ship. Archer asks her: “Hows your Insectoid these days?” She replies: “It depends on which dialect. There are 67.” Archer replies: “Is that all?”

Degra, Archer and Hoshi leave in a Xindi shuttlepod. Degra gives Archer some tips on how loud to speak. He must speak loud enough as the Aquatics suspect hushed tones and not too loud as the Insectoids view that as hostile. They arrive at what looks like rock formations that Degra says were built by the Avians 4000 years ago. In the rock face, we see an opening where the Council chamber is located. They enter it.

Two Reptilians guard the entrance to the chamber. Degra tells them to “move aside” and he, Archer and Hoshi enter. Dolim is angry and says: “You’ve brought humans into this chamber, Degra. Explain yourself, if you expect them to leave here alive.”

Degra tells the Council that he’s going to explain himself. The Arboreal, Jannar, says they are ready to listen. Degra nods towards Archer. Archer begins by telling them that what they’ve been told about the humans destroying them is a lie. An Insectoid speaks. Hoshi translates (and will continue to translate for the Aquatics and Insectoids) it as: “The Guardians have never lied to us.” Archer tells them that “the Guardians” built the Spheres. They are “reconfiguring the Expanse preparing it for colonization.” Dolim cuts in and says Archer is desperate and “would say anything to save” Earth and that the evidence is “manufactured.” Degra stands up and says: “It’s the truth. The data is accurate.” Dolim replies that Degra has been “corrupted” by the humans. He cites the fact that he fired on his ship. The Aquatics chime in: “This is not relevant. We’re here to discuss the human’s claim.” The other Xindi Humanoid agrees. Archer tells them that if they destroy Earth, they’ll be destroying themselves. Dolim doesn’t want to listen to any of it. Archer adds that Earth will attack and defeat the Sphere-Builders. That’s why they want to see the humans destroyed and so “manipulated” the Xindi into attacking Earth. Dolim wants Archer’s ship seized. Degra stands up and shouts: “Any vessel that attacks Enterprise will be fired upon.” Dolim is angry and continues to argue. He decides to leave. Degra tries to stop him. Dolim hits him. Archer goes to stop him and an Insectoid hits Archer and knocks him down. The Reptilians and the Insectoids leave.

Back on the shuttle, T’Pol guides Mayweather to an entrance on the Sphere, an exhaust vent. Mayweather and the others don’t see it. It looks like they are going to crash into the Sphere. T’Pol tells Mayweather to continue on. He does and they enter. Reed and the others are relieved. A hologram made it look like the entrance was solid. They make their way into the Sphere. T’Pol tells them to get into their EV suits.

In another part of the Council site, Jannar, Degra, Archer and the other Primate are discussing

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