“The Council”
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the situation. The Primate says the Council is on the verge of breaking up. He thinks they’ll never convince the Reptilians or the Insectoids. Archer suggests they “focus on the Aquatics.” Degra says they’ll take forever to make a decision. Archer spots a skull on a table with lit candles around it. Jannar tells him it is an Avian. Degra has an idea and tells Archer he’ll need Phlox’ help.

Elsewhere at the Council site, the Sphere Builder has appeared to the Reptilians and tells them Archer “has succeeded in raising doubts about us. The Arboreals, Humanoids and Aquatics are considering what he had to say. He should never have been allowed before the Council.” Dolim tells her the weapon will be deployed. She tells them they need “three of the Xindi species” to agree. Another Reptilian tells her they need to prove that “the Guardians” didn’t build the Spheres. The Sphere-Builder icily replies: “Prove to them..or you?” Dolim tries to cover it by saying his lieutenant just “wants to know if there’s a way to persuade the Council.” She tells Dolim: “Persuasion is no longer a viable option.” She adds that the Reptilians and the Insectoids must try to deploy the weapon. Dolim replies that they’d be “risking civil war.” She tells him it “can’t be avoided” and that in the future he and the Reptilians will rule a Xindi empire. She adds: “We will guarantee Reptilian dominance if humankind is eradicated.” Dolim answers: “Understood.” She leaves and he tells his lieutenant: “If you ever question the Guardians again…your skin will adorn the bow of this ship.”

Back in Sick Bay, Degra is working with Phlox. Trip enters. Phlox tells him modifications need to be made to the pod that contained the trans-dimensional alien (“Harbinger”). Degra tells Trip that Archer wants them to work together. Trip is not too friendly. On their way, Degra stops him and tells him he can’t change what has happened; that he is risking his life and that of his family and has killed Xindi to save “both our worlds.” Trip isn’t impressed and replies: “This way.”

At the Sphere, T’Pol and the others are in EV suits. They are making their way to the Sphere’s memory core. Mayweather is monitoring their progress. Something in the wall of the Sphere begins to move.

In Archer’s Ready Room, Degra comes in to tell him that he and Trip are done. Degra appreciates Trip helping him and understands his reluctance to work with him. Archer tells Degra that in the future, the Xindi and humans will work together and be part of a Federation.

Later, Degra, Archer and Hoshi return to the Council chamber. Archer tells them that the Sphere-Builders and the Guardians “are the same species.” Dolim asks if Archer has “manufactured more data” to prove this. Archer continues and tells them about the trans-dimensional alien they had found in a pod and recovered from a “trans-dimensional disturbance.” The material used to create the pod is the same as the outer shell of the Spheres. Archer calls Enterprise and tells them to “energize.” The interior of the pod and the alien materialize on the Council table. Degra tells them: “What you’re seeing is a biometric

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